MITM attack on Pokemon Go (c) via XPosed framework
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POGOProtos @ ea8103c

#Current status This fork by FreedomMercenary is under delevopment. Check it out, and see how things are going. This is what I like about Open Source.

Also FreedomMercenary can now publish in XPosed repository, and got signing keys from me. So if new releases appear, transition should be smooth.

So long, and thanks for all the stars!

#Old readme, kept here for nostalgia #Pokemon GO (c) direct Man-in-the-Middle pokemon license

Consider module field-tested with 0.35.0. ##Pre-build version You can download prebuilt version from XPosed repository.

Make sure that both module and PoGo have Storage Permissions. App uses them to store settings, PoGo - to read them. If you experience crashes of UI, or PoGo app at start, first check permissions. If it still crashes, please provide feedback via Issues.

IV output format is "Grade Perfection% Attack Defense Stamina Level". Grade is A for 100 to 91 perfection, B for 90 to 81 and so on. With grade, you can sort pokemons A-Z to have best first, then good, then worse etc.

All hacks implemented now don't modify data sent to Niantic servers, only examine it. They modify data going back, to add gist to it. This hack don't do additional request, so it does not overload Niantic servser. No 'data scraping'.

I had not heard/read about bans for this or similar modules. If I ever know of such, I will inform users wherever I can and pause distribution.

##Brief Uses XPosed framework to intercept web communications of app and process out- and inbound packages.

Internally use POGOProtos. See root build.gradle for instructions and build tasks.

##What it can do now Intercept packages going from client to server; all without breaking actual communications.

Intercept packages going from server to client, too.

###Branch right-now, as released on XPosed repo Simple hack to put IVs into pokemon nickname.

Simple hack to put remaining lure time into pokestop description.

Export pokemon data including IV's and attacks to tsv file located in external storage at Pokemon/PokemonData.tsv. It is done each time the application starts. You can see toast message with confirmation during loading screen. The data can be later used for calculations. For example, like in the Pokemon Evolution Calculator

UI for turning hacks on and off.

##What is planned Grandeur plan - use JRuby to allow different data modifications without recompilation.

##Current state Master branch is undergoing changes related to adding Ruby script execution. Unstable development is in branch jruby.

Code for XPosed repo release is in branch right-now.

##Resources and projects used