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JiGS Interactive Game System is an open source Online RPG engine built in php. The universe can be forked by sysadmin/gamesmasters to create unique personal virtual worlds. Completely Open Source. Build your unique universe with 3rd party Expansion packs

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Symfony, Drupal, Joomla, Silex, Asychoronous zombies, Websockets, ReactPhp, ZeroMq, RabbitMq, PhaserJs


  • Online Browser based Multiplayer RPG.
  • Primarily Tile based Multiple Interfaces.
  • No client plugins or downloads required.
  • Game server plugin system allows mechanics of game to evolve over time
  • 3rd party plugin system(including graphic templates) allows gamesmasters(sysadmins) to create unique universes. (see
  • Post Peak Oil environment. Oil is rapidly declining. Riots, Tribalism and feudalism on the increase, genetic mutations etc.
  • Genetics, alien technology and singularity create new game stats, mechanics and content.
  • Soap Opera style monthly content revolving around numerous NPC arcs: (think Lost tv show ).
  • Game Genres: RPG, Trading, Exploration, PvP, Factions and Guild Politics
  • Complexity & Economics. Think Eve Online in a low tech 2d, text like environment.
  • Open Source
  • NPCS and scenarios span modern pop and internet culture.
  • Cut n’ Paste, Collage, 50’s -70’s Pulp Art,Dada/Surrealism, Punk and Glitch aesthetic. Monty Python style cutscenes
  • Based on the Works of Robert Anton Wilson, William Burroughs, Timothy Leary, Pynchon, James Joyce and Umberto Eco and the worlds of plunderphonics and fanfiction
  • Secret Societies, Conspiracies and Guild politics


  • Main Gameplay Screens
  • Character Creation
  • Buildings & Economics
  • Guilds, Groups, Crime Families, Gangs, Secret Societies and Factions
  • Exploration
  • Raiding
  • NPCs, Mobs, Hobbits
  • Inventory
  • Storyline
  • Depreciation, Taxation, Quality Reduction, Depletion and Balance.
  • Extending JiGS: create your own universe with 3rd Party plugins and templates

Point & Click (Sierra Arts/ Lucasfilm style) Plugin
Puzzles Plugin
Extended Tile Map system Plugin
Extended Character Creation Plugin
Player owned Shop market replaces or augments gamemasters run market.
Extended PvP fight system
Templating system (Fantasy/Space/Cyberpunk fonts- templates -widget chromes- backgrounds
Extended configurable NPC & chat system
Add stats such as crime ratings, pollution
Social media plugins (Facebook Twitter)

Main Gameplay Screen


Default Modules:

![Default Modules](
  • Stats
  • Login
  • BackPack
  • Weapons
  • Metals
  • Batteries
  • Big Map -Main View Option 1
  • Small Map - Main View 2
  • Forums
  • Factions
  • Hobbits
  • Profile
  • Players

Advanced Modules

Terminal: ‘Command line’ style interface & Hollywood style computer interface. Character Creation and Management.

Debug Module : Admin Only

Direct access to twine stories hidden inside various tiles in the main view.
Direct access to puzzles etc.
Direct Access to experimental Works in progress

Communication Modules:

Default Modules: Wavy Lines

WavyLines is the Universe in action. All people receive numerous ESP messages from the people and world around them. Some messages are esoteric and obscure others are simple messages. Typical Messages would be “John increased one level” “John has converted to buddhism” “ A zombie horde attacks the outer villages.”

Players can enter messages here.

At one point this also collected spam, which had some interesting outcomes. This might be investigated again to re-introduce.

Messenger Module: This is a direct line between the player and the world. Typical messages would be “You picked up the rock”, “You increased one level”


Main View Option One

Uses point and click with pathfinder to move your player to tile(on hold). Tiles 32 *32 px

Maps 18 * 14 tiles Grid: User Defined

Main View Option Two

Uses cursor or button presses( see compass button) to move one tile at a time .
Tiles 50 *50px

Map 88 tiles Grid = 44 maps or 33 maps or 22 maps etc

8X8 tiles

Character Creation

[On hold]

Character Creation

In the main views , players see themselves represented by webstyle avatars as opposed to game style representations. This allows players to upload their own images. The conflict of styles creates part of the cut’paste aesthetic. Extended Character selection is on hold until third party plugin system is complete to allow for more varied character selection systems.

Daz3d might be a good candidate for this.

Profile Page

Currently using Joomla Community Builder with customised plugins for game stats.This suits minimum requirements for both again and game at present. Basic plugins can be created with minimum coding skills via the CB gui.Screenshot from 2014-10-19 14:19:57.png

Buildings & Economics

All buildings contain an info module on the top left

All player owned buildings contain a control panel on the top right. All government building contain a movie poster on the right Each building type contains a primary module on the bottom. The control panel allows the player assign workforce to primary, defence and distribution systems. The control panel allows the player assign energy batteries to buildings system as a whole The control panels allows the player to prioritise Quantity, quality and cost in terms of energy and credits. The primary systems allows the player to control the buildings primary system, farming, factory and mining functions. A building can upgrade or increase it’s primary systems depending on skills etc. for example a farm may have 1- 8 fields each growing different crops. Or a factory may have 1-8 conveyor belts each building different objects, Each additional primary system is accessed via tabs and is identical in layout.

Banks, Terminals, Banks and hacking

Players and NPCs can hack and be hacked, causing grief, stealing bank account percentages and spreading viruses. There are three global banks each with their own interest rates ,security packages and insurance deals.



Screenshot from 2014-10-19 14:27:09.png

Factories require blueprints, energy, workforce(hobbits) & materials to create objects - can be hacked/attacked. Objects vary in quality time and cost to produce. Factories



Farms require seeds and workforce, energy, to grow food - can be hacked/attacked


![Mines ]( Screenshot from 2014-10-19 14:27:48.png

require energy workforce to mine oil,minerals( and crystals- on hold). - can be hacked/attacked

Other Buildings

Re-processors -  turn object to metals.
scrap-yards sell metals
Food processors -  buy crops.
Blue Print Shops
Weaponry - Sell Weapons
Stands - Sell objects
Bullet Shops - Sell bullets
Mission Buildings
Banks - Offer credit , deposits, interest, can be hacked.
Diners- Exchange money for health
Apartments- Log off safely protecting cash in hand and back pack. Move objects from backpack to apartment inventory - can be hacked/attacked
WareHouses - Store large quantities of objects or crops


12 Main (levelable) Skills each with 6-12 sub skills



Guilds, Groups, Crime Families, Gangs, Secret Societies and Factions

You are always part of a group, your group is part of one of three factions. Various stats affect faction and group standing (all other names are group synonyms) and vice versa. Actions within twine stories affect group and faction standings. You can change groups, but only to a group of the same faction.


Exploration (via character development) is the primary core loop of the virtual world. New Maps, Scenarios including time travel to familiar places will be added to the system on a monthly basis. ALternate realities, drug induced trips etc will play a part in the exploration narrative. Maps are creating using the open source Tiled and imported to the systom using json files. Portals are a heavily used device in both the game mechanics and the overarching metastory. Portals need to be discovered in the real before they can be accessed via the portal network. Technically all portal are one way but may exist in pairs. Many of the portals are discovered via Twine stories.

Banks and Hacking

Players and NPCs can hack and be hacked, causing grief, stealing bank account percentages and spreading viruses. There are three global banks each with their own interest rates ,security packages and insurance deals.

NPCs, Mobs, Hobbits(workforce)

NPCS should be as deeply developed as possible. They should be as indistinguishable from players as possible in terms of fighting acquisitions and political power. Ai in terms of dialogue is not necessary tho’ can be investigated as a 3rd party plugin. Mobs include borgs, orcs, goblins, zombies of different classes. Largely indistinguishable from each other Workforce: 1 is born every minute in realtime. It will align itself to a building owned by a member of one of the 3 factions. Likelihood of a players building being chosen is a result of various stats including building efficiency, hobbit magic etc. hobbits have a lifespan as defined by the gamemaster which can be altered via dynamic forces.


BackPack: Currently limited to 12 objects. Weight and Size are not taken in consideration as yet.

Warehouses:Crops, Mass quantities of objects for sale or transport. (On Hold)

Apartment: Limited to 100 objects , cannot be lost, unless AWOL limit has be exceeded (if configured)


Several arcs spanning the rise of the internet from bbs to global hive minds, across numerous dimensions. Split into hypertexts which can be accessed via content management system based on faction, stats , player level and external events such as NPC actions. Javascript animations, cut scenes and minigames breakdown the difference between the game and the narrative. Depreciation, Rent Taxation, Quality Reduction, Depletion and Balance. Various cron jobs are set on regular intervals to reduce objects quality and deduct building rent. Failure to pay rent results in removal of acquisition. Not playing for a period of three months should result in total non effect of player. All buildings should be repossessed , objects decline in quality etc.

Extending JiGS: creating your own universe.

Install 3rd party plugins that introduce pollution, crime, magic. Use external data such as weather statistics or open data to create a virtual internet world of things. Connect with twitter or Facebook Create scripts to give your npcs unique proclivities. Extending JiGS: create your own universe with 3rd Party plugins and templates: Examples

Point & Click (Sierra Arts/ Lucasfilm style) Plugin

Point and Click Puzzles Plugin (Javascript Libraries) Puzzle Plugin Extended Tile Map system Plugin

Extended Character Creation Plugin
Player owned Shop market replaces or augments gamemasters run market.
Multiple  PvP fight system
Templating system (Fantasy/Space/Cyberpunk) fonts- widget chromes- backgrounds
Configurable NPC system
Extended Chat system
Other Non Games related Joomla plugins see here
Forums Plugin (Joomla/Kunena)

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