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A classic style theme for XFCE4 on Ubuntu 17.10
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Chicago95-Custom for XUbuntu 18.04

This is a customized version of the Chicago95 GTK theme. This is a theme that I've modified for my own purposes and sharing to you. There are two parts of the theme, one strictly for compositing environments with support for GNOME Client Side Decorations and one with cross compatibility for compositing and non-compositing environments. See the for additional information.


GTK+ 3.22

Xfce 4.12

(Preferred distro is Xubuntu 17.10 or 18.04)

Install the system theme

Click here for install steps.


Choice of Start button icons for Whisker and XFCE Application panel menus.


Grassmunk 4/2016

AdrianoML 12/2016

EMH-Mark-I 4/2017

Code and license

License: GPL-3.0+/MIT

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