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Simple, Private, Secure... I created this flashcards app as a means for my own study. I'm sharing it with the hope that it will help you too.

What are flashcards? More about studying with flashcards


Imagine your knowledge as a tree. Any basic factoid that you know is part of a sub-field that belongs to a larger topic.

For example the fact that Force = Mass * Acceleration is your factoid belonging to the sub-field or sub-topic of Classical Physics which in-itself is a subset of a larger branch of science named Physics. While one can argue that there can be several more layers here, and it is true, I chose to keep a 3 layer heirarchy for both simplicity and ease of understanding.

So you have a Topic like Physics or Mathematics which include subtopics like Quantum Physics or Probability resp. These subtopics are the ones that actually hold all your flashcards.

If you've read "What are flashcards?", or already know 'em, they have a front and back -> Ideally, front for questions and back for answers.

Once you enter a subtopic, you can create as many flash cards as you want.


The app leverages your browsers' built in database for storing all your data. This means there is no transfer of data - all your data is your own. This also means that the app can work fully offline, once you've loaded the site.


Backup and restore functionality

Known Issues

let me know :)


Create awesome flashcards on the fly right inside your browser






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