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Redact Git author and committer dates to keep committing behaviour more private.
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git-privacy: Keep your coding hours private

Git-privacy redacts author and committer dates to keep your coding hours more private. You can choose the level of redaction: only remove minutes and seconds from your dates or even hide day or month. The original dates are encrypted and stored in the commit message in case you might need them.


pip3 install gitprivacy

Note: Git-privacy requires Python version 3.6 or later.

Getting Started

  1. Add the following to .git/config and adapt it to your needs:
	mode = reduce
	pattern = "ms"
	#limit = 9-17
	#password = ...
  1. Pick a redaction pattern from the following options:
    • M: Sets the month to January
    • d: Sets the day to the first day of the month
    • h: Sets the hour to midnight
    • m: Sets the minute to zero (full hour)
    • s: Sets the seconds to zero (full minute)
  2. Set an acceptable timestamp range (limit). Outliers are rounded towards the set limits, e.g., commits at 17:30 (5:30pm) are set to 17:00. Only full hours are currently supported. Omit the limits setting to disable.
  3. Set a password if you want to be able to recover the full-resolution timestamps. If no password is given, only the reduced timestamp will remain.
  4. Execute git-privacy init. This sets the necessary Git hooks.


Redaction of New Commits

New commits are automatically redacted if git-privacy is initialised in a repo. This is achieve via a post-commit hook.

If you want to manually redact the last commit, run:

git-privacy redate --only-head

View Unredacted Dates

To view the unredacted commit dates, git-privacy offers a git-log-like listing:

git-privacy log

Bulk Re-dating of Commits

To redact and redate all commits of the currently active branch run:

git-privacy redate

WARNING: This will completely rewrite the history and will lead to diverging commit histories.

Re-dating of Commits from a Startpoint

You can also limit the redate to all commits that succeed a given startpoint:

git-privacy redate <startpoint>

This will redate all commits in the range <startpoint>..HEAD (see git rev-list for syntax details).

For example, you can use this to redate all commits of branch since it has been branched from master by invoking:

git-privacy redate master

Optional: Timezone Change Warnings

Additionally you may install a pre-commit hook which currently checks if your timezone differs from the last commit. To do so simply execute:

git-privacy init --enable-check

Email Address Redaction

Imagine you want to publish a repository which contains some contributor's private email addresses. Git-privacy makes it easy to redact such addresses:

git-privacy redact-email

You can also specify individual substitutes:

git-privacy redact-email

Or, you can use your GitHub username and GitHub's noreply addresses to still have your commit associated to account and get credit:

git-privacy redact-email -g
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