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Accept cryptocurrencies just like cash. Try the live demo; donations welcome using it. :)



Simple webpage for accepting Bitcoin and Altcoin payments (Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin). Used live at

Before Taking Payment

Update file named publicAddresses.js before taking payments. i.e. set the addresses to the public addresses that you own and know the private key to. In this basic version; we are reusing the same public keys provided for all transactions (as opposed to a new public key for each transaction). This should give customers confidence others are using cryptocurrency as payment.

General Usage (TL;DR/ In Brief)

  1. Enter the amount to charge a customer.
  2. Select the coin amount of the preferred cryptocurrency.
  3. Ask the customer to scan the QR code using a wallet, such as (e.g.
  4. Ask the customer to confirm details: coin type, amount, address & send the required amount.
  5. Once the customer has sent the amount; check the blockchain for unconfirmed amount.

General Usage (In Detail)

After entering an amount to charge a customer; the various cryptocurrency amounts are determined using a live FX rate (via The FX rate and estimated transaction fee is displayed. Fee's are based on's static rates.

You must then select the desired amount of the crypto the customer wishes to pay in. A QR code will be displayed containing the crypto type, address and amount.

Once the customer has scanned the QR code using their wallet app (e.g., we can check for payments using the "Check Blockchain For Payment" button, this is provided by and by default they have a 200 requests per hour limit at the time of writing.

The payment should appear within 1 second in the "Unconfirmed" list. Depending on the confirmation time (Bitcoin 10 min, Ethereum 15 seconds, Dash/Litecoin 2-2.5 minutes, Dogecoin 1 minute at the time of writing); the payment will later appear in the "Confirmed" list once it has entered a block.

If a customer is sending money to an already known address; the buttons "View Payments" can be used to see such recent payments. No more of a customer having to divulge long credit/debit card numbers and 3 digit pins over the phone begrudgingly!

To convert the crypto to a fiat currency bank account, one option is to transfer via a reputable exchange such as coinbase.