EvoMaster Benchmark (EMB): a set of web/enterprise applications for experimentation in automated system testing
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EvoMaster Benchmark (EMB): a set of web/enterprise applications for experimentation in automated system testing.

The folder cs (case study) contains the source code of the different system under tests (SUT) in this benchmark.

The folder em (EvoMaster) contains the classes needed to be written to enable the use of EvoMaster on the SUTs. In particular, there are EmbeddedEvoMasterController and ExternalEvoMasterController class implementations for each SUT. Note: usually you would write a EvoMaster controller class in the same module of the SUTs. Here, they are in different modules just to make clear what is needed to implement to enable the use of EvoMaster.


All the code that is new for this repository is released under Apache 2.0 license. However, this repository contains as well sources from different open-source projects, each one with its own license, as clarified in more details beneath.

Current Case Studies

To compile and generate all the jar files, use the command:

mvn -P '!withEmbedded' clean package -DskipTests

Depending on which shell/commandline you use, you might need to remove the '' from around '!withEmbedded'.

Note: the case studies do import EvoMaster as a library. Current SNAPSHOT versions of the case studies do use the most recent SNAPSHOT version of EvoMaster (the two versioning numbers are aligned). We do not publish the SNAPSHOT dependencies online. To use such SNAPSHOT versions, you need first a mvn install of EvoMaster on your machine (so that the SNAPSHOT jars are created, and put under your ~/.m2 folder). However, in the Git repository of EMB, we did tag the versions of EMB that are using the published versions of EvoMaster. See the releases page. For example, to use version X of EvoMaster, you can check out the Git commit of EMB tagged with version X.