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Build EvoMaster

To compile the project, you need Maven and the JDK (version 8 or later).

Use the Maven command:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

This should create an evomaster.jar executable under the core/target folder, and install the driver library in your local ~/.m2 repository.

You need to build the project at least once with Maven before trying to use it from an IDE. The reason is that some source code files are generated with some Maven plugins (e.g., from grammar files). If those plugins are not run at least once, the project will not compile.

Note: if you get an error from the shade-plugin, then make sure to use clean in your Maven commands. Furthermore, if you decide to do not skip the tests, then you will need to have Docker installed and running on your machine.

Note: we have also started initial support for other languages, e.g., JavaScript and C#. To build everything, you can use the script However, besides the JDK, you will need other tools as well installed on your machine (e.g., NodeJS and DotNet Core).