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How to Contribute

There are many ways in which you can contribute. If you found EvoMaster of any use, the easiest way to show appreciation is to star it. Issues and feature requests can be reported on the issues page:

  • Bugs: as for any bug report, the more detailed you can be the better. If you are using EvoMaster on an open source project, please provide links to it, as then it is much easier to reproduce the bugs.

  • Documentation: if you are trying to use EvoMaster, but the instructions in these notes are not enough to get you started, then it means it is a "bug" in the documentation, which then would need to be clarified.

  • Feature Requests: to improve EvoMaster, we are very keen to receive feature requests, although of course we cannot guarantee when they are going to be implemented, if implemented at all. As researchers, we want to know what are the problems that engineers in industry do face, and what could be done to improve EvoMaster to help them.

  • Pull Requests: we are keen to receive PRs, as long as you agree with the license of EvoMaster, and as long as you are allowed by your employer to contribute to open-source projects. However, before making a PR, you should read the notes for developers.

  • Industry Collaborations: to evaluate the effectiveness of EvoMaster, we need case studies. There are some open-source projects that can be used (e.g., which we selected and aggregated in the EMB repository). But open-source applications are not necessarily representative of software developed in industry. Therefore, we "collaborate" with different companies (e.g., Universitetsforlaget), to apply EvoMaster on their systems.

    • Benefits for us: access to the source code of real, industrial systems (of course, under NDAs). It makes easier to publish academic papers, and to get funding from the research councils to improve EvoMaster even further.

    • Benefits for the industrial collaborators:

      1. getting priority on new features and bug fixing.
      2. "free" human resources (MSc/PhD students and researchers) that try to break your systems and find faults in them.
  • Academic Collaborations: we are keen to hear from students and researchers that want to collaborate on topics in which EvoMaster can be used on, or extended for. For example, it is possible to have visiting PhD students in our lab. However, all communications about academic collaborations should not be done here on GitHub, but rather by email, directly to Prof. A. Arcuri.