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Library Dependencies

When EvoMaster generates test cases, those test cases can require to import some libraries. This depends on the target programming language, and on the kind of tests that are generated.

When doing white-box testing, you are also required to import the EvoMaster-Client library (as discussed in the documentation for writing white-box drivers). However, such library does NOT import the others transitively. This is done on purpose, as to avoid nasty version mismatching if those libraries are already used in the application you want to test. You need to add them manually in your build scripts.

One possible negative side-effect of this approach is that the generated tests might not be compatible with the version of the library you are using. This should be rare, but it might happen if we were using a deprecated API, and a new version of the library did remove it. As a rule of thumb, we try to update EvoMaster to the most recent versions of those libraries. If you see such problems, please report them on the issue page.


JVM (e.g., Java and Kotlin)

When generating test cases for REST APIs written in Java/Kotlin, EvoMaster relies on the RestAssured library.

In Maven, this can be imported with:


Recall to check out for recent versions of this library.

A word of advice if you are using Spring: Spring imports transitively several libraries, including old versions of JUnit and RestAssured as well. This can mess up the use of RestAssured if you are using a different major version compared to the one imported by Spring. However, it is not too hard to fix.