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@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@ At the moment, _EvoMaster_ supports _H2_ and _Postgres_ databases.
* [Download EvoMaster](docs/
* [Build EvoMaster from source](docs/
* [Console options](docs/
* [OpenApi/Swagger Schema](docs/
* [Using EvoMaster for Black-Box Testing (easier to setup, but worse results)](docs/
* [Using EvoMaster for White-Box Testing (harder to setup, but better results)](docs/
* [Write an EvoMaster Driver for White-Box Testing](docs/
@@ -219,8 +220,8 @@ the [issues]( page:
### Funding

_EvoMaster_ has been funded by:
* 2020-2026: a 2 million Euro grant by the European Research Council (ERC),
as part of the ERC Consolidator project
* 2020-2025: a 2 million Euro grant by the European Research Council (ERC),
as part of the *ERC Consolidator* project
<i>Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Understand and Secure Web/Enterprise Systems</i>.
* 2018-2021: a 7.8 million Norwegian Kroner grant by the Research Council of Norway (RCN),
as part of the Frinatek project <i>Evolutionary Enterprise Testing</i>.
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# OpenAPI Schema

To test a RESTful API, _EvoMaster_ requires the presence of a schema.
There are different ways to write API schemata, where [OpenAPI]( is
arguably the most common and used.
Such format (previously called `Swagger`) is supported by _EvoMaster_, both *v2* and *v3*.

If your API does not have such a schema, you have two options:
1. Write it by hand.
2. Use a tool to automatically generate it from your source code.

This latter option depends on which language and frameworks you are using to implement your API.
For example, for *Spring* applications, you can look at [SpringDoc](
Adding a schema then is as easy as just adding such dependency to the classpath.
Then, the schema will be accessible on the endpoint `/v3/api-docs`.

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