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fixed timeout in experiment example script

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arcuri82 committed Nov 4, 2019
1 parent ab49e07 commit 72c31de36d6280008a5f1aab5795edf408c6f7fe
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@@ -139,23 +139,22 @@
print("ERROR: target folder already exists")

### We might want to have different settings based on whether we are running the
### We need different settings based on whether we are running the
### scripts on cluster or locally.

# To ge the SUTs, you need in EMB to run the script "scripts/" to
# generate a file that you can upload on cluster.
# Note: the values after the SUT names is multiplicative factor for how long
# experiments should be run. For example, all SUTs have similar runtime, but
# proxyprint is roughly twice as slow.
# experiments should be run.
# Depending on what experiments you are running, might want to de-select some
# of the SUTs (eg, by comment them out)
# of the SUTs (eg, by commenting them out)

SUTS = [
("features-service", 1),
("scout-api", 1),
("scout-api", 2),
("proxyprint", 2),
("rest-ncs", 1),
("rest-ncs", 2),
("rest-scs", 1),
("rest-news", 1),
("catwatch", 1)

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