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removed incorrect check

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arcuri82 committed Feb 24, 2020
1 parent 5bc8f1a commit c662c2779c207e421c16afd1c3b356d48995f936
@@ -124,7 +124,15 @@ export default class ExecutionTracer {
public static completedLastExecutedStatement(lastLine: string) {
const stmt = ExecutionTracer.additionalInfoList[ExecutionTracer.actionIndex].popLastExecutedStatement();
if (stmt !== lastLine) {
throw Error(`Expected to pop ${lastLine} instead of ${stmt}`);
actually we cannot have such check. We might end in such situation:
X calls F in non-instrumented framework, which then call Y (both X and Y being of SUT).
If Y crashes with a catch in F, then X will wrongly pop for Y.
TODO could have such check with a parameter, to have only in the tests
//throw Error(`Expected to pop ${lastLine} instead of ${stmt}`);

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