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fix for NPE

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arcuri82 committed Aug 2, 2019
1 parent bca669f commit de1d14e0edd79ebe3ad59f2624167afed30f8976
@@ -405,9 +405,10 @@ protected void startExternalProcessPrinter() {

if we arrive here, it means the process has no more output.
this could happen if it was started with some misconfiguration
this could happen if it was started with some misconfiguration, or
if it has been stopped
if(! process.isAlive()){
if(process == null || ! process.isAlive()){
SimpleLogger.warn("SUT has terminated");
} else {
SimpleLogger.warn("SUT is still alive, but its output was closed before" +

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commented on de1d14e Aug 6, 2019

was this the problem with proxy print?

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