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instructions for making a new release

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@@ -274,3 +274,8 @@ Current usage:
- `Issues/bugs`: reported bugs which are not trivial to fix. For developers, better to report them
here than GitHub issue page.
- `Backlog-*`: different backlogs, divided by topic.
Only the project manager should make a new release, as it requires a password.
Instructions can be found [here](./
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# Release Procedure

Here it is described the list of steps on how to make a new release for `EvoMaster`.
However, a new release of `EvoMaster` should be done only by the project manager.

In the following, with `???` we refer to secrets (e.g., passwords).

## Pre-requisites

In your local `~/.m2` Maven repository, you need to create a `settings.xml` file with the following:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings xmlns=""

The username and password are linked to the account that own the domain ``.

You need to have installed `GPG` on your machine (used to sign files).
Create a public-private keyset with:
gpg --gen-key

You can list the generated key with:
gpg --list-secret

Upload the public key with:
gpg --keyserver hkp:// --send-keys ???

## Maven Central Release

The Java client needs to be deployed on Maven Central.
First, you need to set a new version number for the new release.
We use semantic versioning `x.y.z`: `x` for major releases, `y` for minor releases, and
`z` for patches.
Note: as long as we are on `x=0`, we do not guarantee backward compatibility on new `0.y.z` releases.

Given a current snapshot version `0.3.1-SNAPSHOT`, a new release could be `0.4.0`, i.e.,
increase minor version `y` by 1, and reset patch version `z` to 0.

To change the version on all `pom.xml` files at once, from project root folder run:
mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=x.y.z

where `x.y.z` should be substituted with the actual version number, e.g., `0.4.0`.

From project root folder, execute:
mvn -N -Pdeployment -DskipTests deploy
cd client-java
mvn clean -Pdeployment -DskipTests deploy

If everything went well, you should be able to see the deployed files at
However, it might take some hours before those are in sync with Maven Central,
which you can check at []().

## GitHub Release

Push the version changes in the `pom.xml` files on Git.
Build the whole `EvoMaster` from project root folder with:
mvn clean package -DskipTests

Make sure to use `package` and __NOT__ `install`.
From the [release]( page
on GitHub, create a new release.
It needs to be tagged, with `v` prefix, e.g., `v0.4.0`.
On GitHub, upload the `core/target/evomaster.jar` executable as part of the release
(there should be an option for _attaching binaries_).

## SNAPSHOT Update

Once `EvoMaster` is released on both Maven Central and GitHub, you need to prepare
the next snapshot version, which will have the same version with `z+1` and suffix
`-SNAPSHOT`, e.g, given `0.4.0`, the following snapshot version would
be `0.4.1-SNAPSHOT`.

## EMB Release

After completing the release of a new version of `EvoMaster`, you need to make a new
release for []() as well.
The two repositories __MUST__ have their version numbers aligned.

You need to update all `pom.xml` files with the same:
mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=x.y.z

However, there are some other places in which the version number needs to be updated as well:

* in the `<evomaster-version>` variable in the root `pom.xml` project file.
* in the `EVOMASTER_VERSION` variable in the `scripts/` script file.
* in all the case study `pom.xml` files where the `evomaster-client-database-spy`
dependency is used (until we automate this task with a script, you will need to search
for those dependencies manually from your IDE).

Once those changes are pushed, create a new [release](
on GitHub.
Tag it with the same version as `EvoMaster`, but no need to attach/upload any file.

After this is done, update to a new SNAPSHOT version, by replacing __ALL__ the
occurrences of the release version in the project (e.g., all `pom.xml` and
`` files).

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