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Auto-deployment for matrix-org/synapse

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Auto-deployment process for the matrix-org/synapse ( homeserver and turnserver using ansible, this will automatically deploy a ready-to-go matrix server on any server.

The playbook will try to install latest master from


  • Git
  • Ansible

Clone auto-deploy repo

git clone

Adopt vars file as needed or just go with these defaults

username: synapse # under wich user the server should be installed and run
git_repo: # URL to Git Repo you want to install
hostname: # FQDN to be used
enable_registration: true # this will open registration by default, take care if you run a public server!
enable_registration_captcha: false
recaptcha_private_key: YOURPRIVATEKEYHERE
recaptcha_public_key: YOURPUBLICKEYHERE
turn_shared_secret: YOURSHAREDSECRETHERE
make_migration : true # will shut down the the server to migrate from sqlite to postgresql.
absolute_path_certificate: /etc/ssl/your_org/certs/fullchain.pem
absolute_path_key: /etc/ssl/your_org/private/private_key.pem
generate_DH_params: true   # Generate DH parameters
DH_params_location: /etc/ssl/your_org/diffihellman.pem

Run the ansible playbook

If you are not familiar with ansible, the easiest way is to lauch from the server you want to install : ansible-playbook playbook.yml -c local from a sudoer user.

Getting safe

Get an SSL certificate (you can use let's encrypt : (, put the symlinks where they should be and be sure the nginx and synapse users have the right to read certs (610 with nginx and synapse in the group).

Add your DNS entry

You should have a SRV entry like that (in order to tell other HomeServers on which port they will speak).

_matrix._tcp.yourdomain.tld. 3600 IN SRV 10 5 443 machine.yourdomain.tld.


You can now connect to your HomeServer, with the built-in web client ( http://machine.yourdomain.tld ) or by specifying your HomeServer on any other client.

Not Working ?

Check your firewall options

With this configuration you should allow :

  • outbound : 8008 and 8448
  • inbound : 80 and 443

Check your DNS entry

With the commands : dig _matrix._tcp.yourdomain.tld SRV and dig machine.yourdomain.tld A

Check if synapse and nginx can access certs

They should both read the file. Become the app user and test if you can read the files with sudo -u synapse/www-data cat /path/to/the/certs/cert.crt.

If everything is fine for all certs and keys and all users, check the certs location in the conf (/etc/nginx/sites-available and /home/{{username}}/.synapse/homeserver.yaml). If you don't know what files you should link, get a look at this tutorial (

Check if Diffie-Hellman parameters exist

In order to secure your connections you will want to have DH parameters (they are used when you negociate a TLS connection). If you don't have any just set generate_DH_params: true and choose a location. If you already generated them, set this value to false and specify their location.

Still not working ? Come and ask for help on using Riot client.

Supported OS

This playbook is made to run on Debian 8 Jessie. It should also run smoothly on any systemd flavoured OS but I didn't test. You're free to test and give me feedback (or PR to add support of your favorite system).

Credits :

This is a fork of Martin Giess on this original repo.