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Public documentation of the European Network for Brain Imaging of Tumours


ENBIT was funded by INCF. The idea was to create a 'European Network in Brain Imaging of Tumour' and the basic open data-sharing infrastructure for it. The funding also allowed for a launching open workshop.

By enabling the creation of the repository, ENBIT collaborators will be able to gather enough data to derive valuable statistics on patients with similar tumours and ultimately create templates, predictive maps and other tools that can have added value in the treatment of patients. ENBIT not only allows to share data but also to share expertise and best practices.


ENBIT policy documents how the repository is managed: repository monitoring, user access and data organization.

ENBIT user privacy notice informs users how we handle their personal information.

ENBIT data sharing template is a template that can be used in your research stipulating to the patient that you want to share data, and how this will be done.

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