Workshop 2018

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Launching workshop

The workshop took place on May 31st 2018 in Brussels at the conference space The Egg thanks to the local organizer Daniele Marinazzo.

The talks

In the morning, we had several talks, which were a good opportunity for us the discuss various issues in data acquisition, sharing and analysis. Some of the talks are available here: Bene Wiestler, experience at TUM in data sharing, Wouter de Baene’s experience at TU in data sharing, Hannelore Aerts, Modeling brain dynamics in brain tumor patients, Sofie Van Den Bossche, Retrieving the HRF at rest: an application to brain tumor fMRI scans, Linda Douw, Networks and cognition in brain tumors, Roland Beisteiner, Pitfalls and reliability/replicability issues with clinical fMRI and Chris Phillips on automated data analysis.

Minimal Data

One of the afternoon group worked on the minimal data set, minimal and extended that is minimum that would include most advanced MRI imaging: functional, diffusion, and vascular imaging.


Before the workshop, we had some questions on how to share genetic data, which led to a separate full BIDS genetic extension. During the workshop, we focused on additional information about patients that are interesting to gather to either better characterize changes in the brain or build better predictive models. Again, this work is built as a brain tumour BIDS extension to link our work to community standards.


Some work has been initiated on minimal and extended protocols that will be followed-up, hopefully as a white paper.

Additional BIDS work on the way, on patient information that will help bringing advanced imaging to the clinical world and conversely, allow sharing more clinical data.

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