Open Source Library for GPU-Accelerated Execution of Trained Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Android
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CNNdroid is an open source library for execution of trained convolutional neural networks on Android devices. The main highlights of CNNdroid are as follows:

  • Support for nearly all CNN layer types.
  • Compatible with CNN models trained by common desktop/server libraries, namely, Caffe, Torch and Theano (Developers can easily convert the trained models to CNNdroid format using the provided scripts).
  • Easy to configure and integrate into any Android app in Android SDK without additional software requirements.
  • User-specified maximum memory usage.
  • GPU or CPU acceleration of supported CNN layers.
  • Automatic tuning of performance.
  • Up to 60X speedup and up to 130X energy saving on current mobile devices.

For more information about the library and installation guide, please refer to the [user guide](CNNdroid Complete Developers Guide and Installation Instruction.pdf).

Please cite CNNdroid in your publications if it helps your research:

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