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Jul 16, 2015
Feb 23, 2017

Welcome to the GitHub for ENIGMA

The ENIGMA Consortium is an international effort by leaders worldwide. The Network brings together researchers in imaging genomics, neurology and psychiatry, to understand brain structure and function, based on MRI, DTI, fMRI, genetic data and many patient populations.

The best return on our research investments will come from combining our data to achieve the large samples necessary to detect the modest gene effect sizes that we now know are the rule rather the exception for complex traits.

The ENIGMA Network has several goals:

  • to create a network of like-minded individuals, interested in pushing forward the field of imaging genetics
  • to ensure promising findings are replicated via member collaborations, in order to satisfy the mandates of most journals
  • to share ideas, algorithms, data, and information on promising findings or methods
  • to facilitate training, including workshops and conferences on key methods and emerging directions in imaging genetics.

The ENIGMA Working Groups repository is being updated here.

The ENIGMA GCLUST repository is being updated here.

Read more about Enigma here.

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