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Trophic Web Data

This document describes the JSON data that is used by the trophic web visualizations found on the data tab.


Data for a source page with id page_id is found at /api/pages/<page_id>/pred_prey.json. eg:


  "nodes": [...],
  "links": [...]

nodes are classified into four groups: "source", "predator", "prey", "competitor". "source" is the source taxon in the predator and prey records. It is the focal species, the point of reference for the rest of the trophic web. A "competitor" is a predator of a "prey" node. There is a limit of 7 predators, 7 prey, and 10 competitors. In order for a node to be included, it must be a species and have an icon.

node attributes:

  • id: the page_id for the taxon
  • group: one of the group values described above
  • groupDesc: a more verbose description of how this node relates to the source node.
  • icon: taxon page icon url
  • label: The common name for the taxon if available, otherwise the scientific name
  • labelWithItalics: Same as label, but with <i></i> tags surrounding the portions that should be italicized.
  • x: convenience for visualization code, always 0.
  • y: same as x

link attributes:

  • source: the node id of the taxon that eats the target
  • target: the node id of the taxon that is eaten by the source