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Open Source EOS Projects
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Open Source

EOS Nation's open source contributions to the EOS ecosystem.

BOS Referendum

BOS Ecosystem Program (Referendum & WPS)

BOS Escrow

An escrow contract designed for paying worker proposals.

BOS Referendum Tally

Aggregates proposals/votes/voter staked weights from

BOS Auditor

This contract will be in charge of auditor registration and voting for candidates.

EOSIO issues created by Matthew Darwin

BP Validator

Tools to validate BPs have set up their public configuration correctly

Javascript (Typescript) Library for Hyperion V2 Tally

EOS Votes tally quickly retrieves all proposals and votes from eosforumrcpp and generate a simple to understand voting tally statistics in JSON format.

BancorX Utility Javascript (Typescript) Library

EOS WebSocket Javascript Library

NodeJS Iterate over JSONL (Line Delimited JSON)

NodeJS Iterate over JSONL (Line Delimited JSON) HTTP API Javascript

eosws Js/Ts bindings

WebSocket consumer for the API on EOS networks.

EOS Receipt is where you can generate receipts for your EOS based crypto purchases.

EOS Encrypt

Allows to encrypt & decypt a message with an EOS key pair using AES shared key encryption mechanism.

EOS Resources

Quickly and easily retrieve EOS Resources metrics from the EOSIO blockchain.


Deploy a GraphQL API + MongoDB for the EOSIO blockchain

EOS MongoDB Queries

Quickly and easily create complex MongoDB Queries for the EOSIO blockchain.

Genereos EOS Toolkit

Implemented features such as Claim Rewards, Refund, BuyRam & SellRam.

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