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Repository of EOS Smart Contract known attacks to help devs prevent known vulnerabilities in their contracts
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Example Vulnerable Code

Not checking properly code against eosio.token on transfer

Vulnerable code was first posted on stack exchange and used by several dapps which got hacked.

// extend from EOSIO_ABI
extern "C" {
   void apply( uint64_t receiver, uint64_t code, uint64_t action ) {
      auto self = receiver;
      if( action == N(onerror)) {
         /* onerror is only valid if it is for the "eosio" code account and authorized by "eosio"'s "active permission */
         eosio_assert(code == N(eosio), "onerror action's are only valid from the \"eosio\" system account");
      if( code == self || code == N(eosio.token) || action == N(onerror) ) {
         TYPE thiscontract( self );
         switch( action ) {
            EOSIO_API( TYPE, MEMBERS )
         /* does not allow destructor of thiscontract to run: eosio_exit(0); */ \

EOSIO_ABI_EX(eosio::charity, (hi)(transfer))

An improved version was later added.

if( ((code == self && action != N(transfer)) || (code == N(eosio.token) && action == N(transfer)) || action == N(onerror)) ) { 
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