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EOS Smart Contract Development Toolkit

Dockerized environment to bootstrap your smart contract development.


Get it

Clone and configure environment

git clone https://github.com/EOSArgentina/eosdev.git
cd eosdev
. ./.env


Node and wallet initialization (unsecure setup, dev only!)

docker-compose up -d

Init wallet

Create default wallet and import eosio key


Setup system constracts

Bios, token, exchange and multisig so far.



How to use this toolkit for development

Create template contract

Contract skeleton will be created inside work folder.

eosiocpp.sh -n testcontract

Compile contract

The work dir is set on the root dir / in the container.

eosiocpp.sh -o /work/testcontract/testcontract.wast /work/testcontract/testcontract.cpp

eosiocpp.sh -g /work/testcontract/testcontract.abi /work/testcontract/testcontract.cpp

Create account

cleos.sh create account eosio testcontract ...

Set code

cleos.sh set contract testcontract /work/testcontract -p testcontract@active

Call the action

cleos.sh push action testcontract hi '["eosio"]' -p eosio@active