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SQAaaS platform

This is a catch-all repository for the SQAaaS platform, which is developed under the scope of EOSC-Synergy project.

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Infrastructure deployment

The Kubernetes cluster is deployed (using IM dashboard) on top of EGI Cloud Compute federation.

The APIs are exposed through HTTPS via the Kubernetes' Nginx Ingress Controller that is automatically installed by the IM.

APIs deployment

As simple as using the kustomization.yaml file to orchestrate the SQAaaS API server in a Kubernetes cluster. Hence, from the root path of the repository, run:

kubectl apply -k k8s


The former kustomization.yaml file is expecting a set of data, i.e. secret tokens and the main configuration file, in order to perform the deployment with success.

Note: the paths are relative to the root path of the repository

Secret tokens

SQAaaS API leverages GitHub and Jenkins APIs, and accordingly, we will need tokens for those components. In particular:

  • GitHub API token: ./k8s/.gh_token
  • Jenkins API token: ./k8s/.jk_token
Configuration file

The SQAaaS API can be customized through a INI configuration file. An sample INI file is distributed with the application.

  • SQAaaS API INI file: ./k8s/sqaaas.ini


The deployed API server can be accessed through the following URI: http://<master_node_ip>/sqaaas/v1/

As an example, the following example lists the currently existing pipelines:

$ curl http://<master_node_ip>/sqaaas/v1/pipeline

Staging and development APIs

Additionally, within the development process, it could be useful to deploy the staging (stub) and development (mock) API servers. The ./k8s/ folder contains the YAMLs for deploying these APIs, so it is just a matter of adding them to the ./k8s/kustomization.yaml file in the same way it was done with the production API:

- sqaaas-api-dev.yaml
- sqaaas-api-staging.yaml

Similarly, once re-deployed, the following command requests the list of pipelines for the staging and development APIs:

  • Staging API:
    $ curl http://<master_node_ip>/sqaaas-stage/v1/pipeline/
  • Development API:
    $ curl http://<master_node_ip>/sqaaas-dev/pipeline/


Not all the SQAaaS components are currently available to be deployed with Kubernetes. We are working to provide a fully fledged deployment.


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