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  • Using new model for eosio.cdt cmake subsystem for building libraries.
  • Added new libraries for native support for native compilation for testing and "scratch pad" compilation for contract developers.


  • Added new set of functions (eosio::check) to supersede eosio_assert functions #318
    • overloads to support eosio_assert, eosio_assert_message and eosio_assert_code are supported.
    • these new functions should increase performance of smart contracts by not calling the intrinsic unless the test condition fails.
  • Removed memory.h #318
  • Removed activate_feature intrinsic from privileged.h #318
  • Resolved issues with eosio::print and std::string #318
  • Replaced all occurrences of eosio_assert with eosio::check #318
  • Allow for ""_n to be used to create a zero name (eosio::name{0}) #311
  • Added c++ guards on system.h #312


  • Added a minimal crt for native contract compilation #317
  • Build libc, libcxx, and eosiolib for native linkage #317
  • Added framework for setting and getting intrinsics core functions. #317
    • In the future libraries can be built to fill in a default implementation of the complex intrinsics. Currently only the eosio_assert*, memcpy/cmp/move, soft float, and print* intrinsics have usable defaults, all others will assert with the message "unsupported intrinsic". Also, only the print* intrinsics can be reset in terms of their default functionality.
  • A testing framework for supporting eosio_assert/eosio::check as catchable and the ability to assert in the test or contract code and continue the test forward. #317
    • REQUIRE_ASSERT and CHECK_ASSERT function much like BOOST's CHECK_THROW and REQUIRE_THROW, but use the assert message as the predicate instead of an exception type. This checking the assertion message can either be a simple string, which will do a 1 to 1 match of this and the assert message, or you can pass it a lambda that takes a std::string and return a bool so more complex checking can be done.
    • CHECK_EQUAL and REQUIRE_EQUAL work almost identically to BOOST's.
    • For examples of how to use these see ./tests/unit/system_tests.cpp or ./tests/unit/name_tests.cpp.
  • Test registration to support CTest and pretty print which tests pass or fail. #317


  • A new pattern for cmake use in smart contract development. #291
    • This new pattern utilizes the EosioWasmToolchain.cmake as a cmake toolchain file and uses an external cmake project to build the contract code, see the new eosio-init tool.
  • To support native builds with eosio-cpp two new macros add_native_executable and add_native_library, these work identically to cmake's add_executable and add_library.


  • New tool eosio-init is introduced #317
    • This tool will generate a project for smart contract development, either as a bare eosio-cpp project or cmake project. This tool takes a required project name, an optional path and an optional bare flag.
      • The "bare" version will generate a <project name>.hpp, a <project name>.cpp, a <project name> and a readme with how to build the contract.
      • The default/non-bare version will create a source tree with the proper cmake files, the above mentioned files in their respective folders, and a readme with instructions of how to build the contract.
  • Support for native builds with eosio-cpp/cc and eosio-ld #317
    • this is functionality is exposed with the fnative flag for each of the above tools.
  • Fixes for eosio-abidiff #298
  • Fixes for eosio-abigen for yet more nested types #291

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Nov 14, 2018

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  • Removed Remove CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD 17 from EosioWasmToolchain.cmake #267
    • This was causing issues for Centos users and for users with low CMake versions
  • Added binary builds for Centos


  • Force compile time execution of name #249
  • Fixed regression in eosio::fixed_key<T> #255
  • Fixed eosio::multi_index::begin bug #256


  • Fixed symlinks for various installed tools #268

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Nov 8, 2018 · 17 commits to master since this release

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  • Small examples of hello, send_inline and multi_index were added/modified. #247
  • Added installation of licenses for binary packages. #238
  • Added Dockerfile. #206


  • New tool to compare and report changes in ABI structures/names. #229


  • New data type eosio::binary_extension added. #229.
  • Serialization support fo eosio::binary_extension and std::variant added. #229
  • New type eosio::fixed_bytes<T> and aliases eosio::checksum160/256/512 added as C++ replacements for capi_checksum types. #243
  • eosio::fixed_key<T> and by extension eosio::key256 are deprecated and are replaced by eosio::fixed_bytes<t> and the eosio::checksum256 alias respectively.
  • C++ wrappers for the crypto asserts added, (e.g. assert_sha1/256/512). #236
  • Various bug fixes #233
    • Added missing asset::to_string #169.
    • Fixed asset::print() #230
    • Fixed name user defined literal to ensure compile time evaluation #232
    • Fixed eosio::print not supporting std::string rvalue
  • Updated multi_index documentation #226
  • New types eosio::action_wrapper and eosio::variant_action_wrapper added for a more simplified and type-safe method to send inline actions. #229


  • eosio-abigen now produces ABI v1.1, this has been available in nodeos since EOS v1.3.x, please note if an ABI serialization library/tool only supports ABI v1.0 this will break compatibility.
  • Automatic import of ricardian contracts into generated ABI. #207
  • Support for non-type templates in ABI generation. #246
  • Support for binary_extensions and std::variant added and now switch to producing abi v1.1. #229
  • Support for tuple, set, map, std::pair and generic template types for ABI generation. #229
  • Various bug fixes #241, #208


  • Various bug fixes
    • added missing options to generate dep files for Ninja builds. #233
    • fixed lto option mismatch #233

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Oct 17, 2018 · 77 commits to master since this release

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Fixes for eosio-abigen table generation regression. #161


Adding missing const declaration qualifiers #164

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Oct 11, 2018 · 86 commits to master since this release

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  • symbol.hpp
    • Added a constexpr constructor to take a std::string_view (to construct a symbol_code) and a uint8_t (precision), so instead of symbol(symbol_code("SYS"), 4), you can use symbol("SYS", 4) #150


  • Fixed the issue with unwanted structs not being filtered out #150
  • Fixed the issue with C++17 not being used to compile when calling eosio-abigen explicitly #150


  • Patched locale to allow for compilation of std::stringstream, std::regex. #150
  • Added warnings to the headers of sstream, regex, strstream that indicate that using these types will greatly increase the size of the compiled contract. #150
  • Added error for iostream, as this conflicts with eosio::datastream #150

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Oct 11, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

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eosiolib C API

  • addition of uint64_t typedef capi_name #132
  • removal of uint64_t typedefs #132
    • account_name
    • permission_name
    • scope_name
    • table_name
    • action_name
      • these have been replaced by capi_name, and as a practice should not be used. The new version of the name type should be used to replace these instances. This decision was made because of bad implict casting issues with uint64_t and the new pattern should allow for better type safety.
    • symbol_name
      • this has no C equivalent and is superceded by the symbol_code struct. As with the previously mentioned named types, this was removed and replaced with symbol_code to allow for better type safety in contracts. To use a symbol, i.e. symbol name and precision, use the symbol class.
  • removal of time and weight_type typedefs #132
  • removal of the typedefs transaction_id_type and block_id_type #132
  • removal of the account_permission struct #132
  • renaming of typedefs #132
    • checksum160 -> capi_checksum160
    • checksum256 -> capi_checksum256
    • checksum512 -> capi_checksum512
    • public_key -> capi_public_key
    • signature -> capi_signature
  • removal of non-existent intrinsics declarations require_write_lock and require_read_lock #132

eosiolib C++ API

  • removal of eosiolib/vector.hpp #132
    • removed alias eosio::vector and typedef bytes
  • removal of eosiolib/types.hpp #132
  • removal of eosiolib/optional.hpp #136
  • removal of eosiolib/core_symbol.hpp #122
  • added eosiolib/name.hpp #132


  • moved the typedef eosio::extensions_types to eosiolib/transaction.hpp #132
  • removed comparison functions for checksum structs #132
  • removal of eosio::char_to_symbol, eosio::string_to_name, eosio::name_suffix functions #132
  • removal of the N macro. #132
  • moved eosio::name struct definition and ""_n operator to eosiolib/name.hpp #132


  • removal of implicit and explicit conversions to uint64_t. #132
  • addition of enum class eosio::name::raw #132
  • added bool conversion operator for conditionally testing if a name is empty #132
  • all constructors are now constexpr #132
  • added constexpr methods eosio::name::length, eosio::name::suffix #132
  • added equivalence, inverted equivalence and less than operators to eosio::name #132


  • removed eosio::symbol_type struct and replaced with eosio::symbol class #122
  • added struct eosio::symbol_code #122
    • added two constexpr constructors that take either a raw uint64_t or an std::string_view
    • added constexpr methods is_valid, length and raw
    • added a print method
    • added bool conversion operator to test is symbol_code is empty
  • removal of eosio::string_to_symbol, eosio::is_valid_symbol, eosio::symbol_name_length functions #122
  • removal of the S macro. #122
  • added struct eosio::symbol #122
    • added two constexpr constructors that take either a raw uint64_t or a symbol_code and a uint8_t precision.
  • modified struct eosio::extended_symbol #132
    • restricted fields to private
    • added constexpr constructor that takes a eosio::symbol and an eosio::name.
    • added constexpr methods get_symbol and get_contract.
    • made existing comparison operators constexpr


  • The main constructor now requires a int64_t (quantity) and eosio::symbol explicitly. #132


  • The constructor for eosio::contract now takes an eosio::name for the receiver, an eosio::name for the code, and a eosio::datastream<const char*> for the datastream used for the contract. The last argument is for manually unpacking an action, see the section on eosio::ignore for a more indepth usage. #136


  • renamed the macro EOSIO_ABI to EOSIO_DISPATCH, as this makes more sense as to what this macro does. #136
  • modified the definition of EOSIO_DISPATCH to work with the new constructor for eosio::contract


  • the first template parameter for indexed_by now requires the argument be convertible to eosio::name::raw (replacing uint64_t. #132
  • the first template parameter for multi_index now requires the argument be convertible to eosio::name::raw (replacing uint64_t. #132
  • the constructor now takes an eosio::name type for the code (replacing uint64_t), scope is still uint64_t. #132
  • various other replacements of uint64_t to eosio::name #132


  • the first template parameter for eosio::singleton now requires the argument be convertible to eosio::name::raw (replacing uint64_t. #132
  • the constructor now takes an eosio::name type for the code. #132
  • in the methods get_or_create and set the argument bill_to_account is now of type eosio::name (replacing uint64_t). #132


  • added C++ function eosio::require_auth #132
  • added C++ function eosio::has_auth #132
  • added C++ function eosio::is_account #132
  • redefined eosio::permission_level to use eosio::name in place of uint64_t #132
  • removed the macro ACTION #136


  • The optional provided_keys argument of the function eosio::check_transaction_authorization is now of the type std::set<eosio::public_key> rather than the type std::set<capi_public_key>. #132
  • the account and permission arguments of eosio::check_transaction_authorization are both eosio::name now instead of uint64_t #132


  • added new type ignore #133
    • this type acts as a placeholder for actions that don't want to deserialize their fields but what the types to be reflected in the abi.
      ACTION action(ignore<some_type>) { some_type st; _ds >> st; }
  • added new type ignore_wrapper #133
    • this allows for calling SEND_INLINE_ACTION with ignore_wrapper(some_value) against an action with an ignore of matching types.


  • added ACTION macro, this is simply a wrapper for [[eosio::action]] void #136
  • added TABLE macro, this is simply a wrapper for struct [[eosio::table]] #136
  • added CONTRACT macro, this is simply a wrapper for class [[eosio::contract]] #136


  • added eosio.cdt-config.cmake to allow for find_package(eosio.cdt) #105
  • added new macro add_contract #136
  • new version checking mechanism is included, see eosio.contracts/CMakeLists.txt to see this in use. #111


  • replaced printf, sprintf, and snprintf with new minimal variants, and allows contracts to use these functions without causing stack overflow issues. #142


  • removed sstream, with the intent to return this after more has been done. #142
  • added __cxa_pure_virtual to allow for pure virtual methods in contract classes. #142
  • std::to_string now works without the issues of stack overflows. #142


  • added [[eosio::ignore]] attribute to flag a type as being ignored by the deserializer, this attribute is primarily only used for internal use within eosiolib. #133
  • added [[eosio::contract]] attribute #133


  • is now part of the library (Boost will be removed in a future release), no more external dependence on Boost and all system inclusion are within it's sysroot. #105


  • bumped the default standard to C++17 #133


  • various fixes for vector, optional, stalling. Produces accurate abis for eosio.contracts.

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Sep 18, 2018 · 189 commits to master since this release

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  • Fix comments for delay_sec member #76.


  • Added missing include path forwarding to eosio-abigen from eosio-cpp #88.
  • Fixed std::string generation #88.
  • Fixed reference type generation #88.
  • Added missing builtin types #88.

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Sep 6, 2018 · 198 commits to master since this release

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  • Rename from EOSIO.WasmSDK to EOSIO.CDT.
    • To reflect the future direction of this repo, as in not just a toolchain for WASM, we have renamed the repo/project to EOSIO.CDT. The CDT stands for Contract Development Toolkit, this new name is more reflective of the new direction.
  • Added the new tool eosio-abigen.
  • Added the script

build script

  • Resolved issue with trying to make with zero cores #44.
  • Resolved issues with Centos builds #62.
  • Resolved other build issues #39.


  • Added C++ user defined literal for names #41.
  • Refactored extended_symbol and extended_asset to no longer inherit from symbol and asset #43.
  • Removed unused declarations, resulting in failure to compile #57.
  • Resolved bug with datastream operator choosing the incorrect overloads #66.
  • Resolved use after free bug #52.
  • Removed currency contract #56.


  • Added missing flag for color diagnostics #42.
  • Added missing flags for better support for IDE integration #48.
  • Added CXX11 and Gnu style attributes for actions and tables #67.
  • Integrated eosio-abigen into eosio-cpp #67.

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Aug 7, 2018 · 261 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed function signatures to match semantics of the imported function calls in crypto.h. (#31)
  • Updated asset.hpp to better handle mutliplications and divisions (#34)

@larryk85 larryk85 released this Aug 2, 2018 · 271 commits to master since this release

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  • Added missing -std option, this allows for setting the C++ standard version.
  • Resolved bug with function-level static variables, this had caused linking issues with __cxa_guard_acquire and __cxa_guard_release symbols.


  • Resolved issue with exhausting memory on weaker machines.
  • Added and as convenience scripts.


  • Expanded API comments.
  • Added function declaration for get_resource_limits.
  • Added less operator for extended_symbol.