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Tagged Data

Simple Summary

Contracts may tag serialized data with custom types to identify it for decoding.


Contracts may pack arbitrary data in the bytes type when communicating with each other and with the outside, but bytes doesn't indicate what the type of the encoded data is. This ESR proposes a new eosio_tagged_data struct which pairs the raw data with a type. This type references contract ABIs to enable customization.



struct eosio_tagged_data {
    name            eosio_tag_abi;
    name            eosio_tag_type;
    bytes           eosio_tag_raw;

The ABI type eosio_tagged_data_* describes the content of the raw data, where * is the name in eosio_tag_type. This type is in the ABI belonging to the eosio_tag_abi account. If eosio_tag_type contains any periods ('.'), then these are replaced by underscores ('_').

Type names which begin with e. are reserved.

CDT Support

To define a type which can appear in tagged data, use the eosio::include_in_abi tag and inherit from tagged_base:

[[eosio::contract("contract name"), eosio::include_in_abi()]]
struct transfer_data: tagged_base<"transfer.dat"_n> {
    name    from;
    name    to;
    asset   amount;

This adds a struct named eosio_tagged_data_transfer_dat to the contract's ABI.

tagged_variant aids decoding tagged data. It deserializes to the appropriate type when there's a match and falls back to eosio_tagged_data when there isn't a match. When tagged_variant is an action argument or a struct member, the CDT fills its type in as eosio_tagged_data in the ABI.

template<typename... Ts>
struct tagged_variant {
    variant<Ts..., eosio_tagged_data> value;

Example use:

using balance_change_data = tagged_variant<


eosio_tagged_data has 2 alternative JSON representations. ABI serializers use the first form (raw) when they don't have enough information to produce the second form. The second form may be more convenient for applications and users. The eosio_tag_ prefix helps tools find eosio_tagged_data embedded in JSON so they can transform the content between the two forms.

    "eosio_tag_abi":    "abi.account",
    "eosio_tag_type":   "",
    "eosio_tag_raw":    "data in hex form"
    "eosio_tag_abi":    "abi.account",
    "eosio_tag_type":   "",
    "eosio_tag_json":   data in JSON form
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