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Provides support for multiple languages on site. Anyone could make own translation by changing the page text inline and share with friends. This way the community driven translations of web application will extend the application audience beyond of initially targeted countries and lingual dialects.

Project comprise in-browser runtime translation integration and inline vocabulary editor microapplications

Integration into web application

The web page would need to include epa-translation.js (CDN tbd) into page, or use Browser plugin(tbd) , or via bookmarklet(link TBD).


  • detection of browser locale and use one+ vocabulary
  • language preferences for selecting order of vocabularies
  • Languages menu entry for preferences, displaying selected vocabularies.
  • once vocabulary loaded or selected the translation on the page is activated, substituting the original text from selected vocabulary(-ies)


Loaded on demand only. The translation integration client on "enable inline translation editor" trigger will pull inline vocabulary editor microapplication into host application content.

Edit mode

Could be triggered by

  • keyboard shortcut
  • translation integration menu

Cloud sync

Available from epa-translation preferences. Requires identification per application, page or user.

Customization & preferences

Host application could preconfigure the preferences enabling own cloud APIs to sync. The reference translation cloud sync application TBD.

Vocabularies cloud sync

Simplest way is to serialize vocabularies from localStorage, save as JSON to server URL and use this URL as default value.

Sync to git TBD.