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Visual Intelligence & Learning Lab, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)



  1. MultiMAE MultiMAE Public

    MultiMAE: Multi-modal Multi-task Masked Autoencoders, ECCV 2022

    Python 473 51

  2. XTConsistency XTConsistency Public

    Robust Learning Through Cross-Task Consistency [Best Paper Award Nominee, CVPR2020]

    Python 171 14

  3. XDEnsembles XDEnsembles Public

    Robustness via Cross-Domain Ensembles, ICCV 2021 [Oral]

    Python 33 9

  4. 3DCommonCorruptions 3DCommonCorruptions Public

    3D Common Corruptions and Data Augmentation, CVPR 2022 [Oral]

    Python 68 8

  5. omnidata omnidata Public

    A Scalable Pipeline for Making Steerable Multi-Task Mid-Level Vision Datasets from 3D Scans [ICCV 2021]

    Jupyter Notebook 301 42


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