EPIC Scotland

EPIC : Epidemiology, Population health and Infectious disease Control is an ambitious animal heath consortium project

  • Broadwick generic modelling code framework (java)

    HTML 4 1 Apache-2.0 Updated Sep 29, 2018
  • Phylodynamic data sets contains sequence data and trees for pathogens of interest to EPIC.

    1 GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 1, 2017
  • This repository contains the Broadwick Tutorial materials including code stubs

    Java 1 Apache-2.0 Updated Mar 9, 2016
  • This repository contains the files of the EPIC sheep-scab work

    R Updated Feb 12, 2016
  • Webpages for EPICScotland Modelling

    HTML Updated Nov 9, 2015
  • Examples of models built under the Broadwick framework

    Java Apache-2.0 Updated Jun 19, 2014
  • Repository for movement simulation code and test data

    Java GPL-3.0 Updated Mar 31, 2014
  • Repository for general notes and guidance for EPIC developers (does not contain code)

    Unlicense Updated Dec 20, 2013

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