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EPPlus 7

Announcement: new license model from version 5

EPPlus has from this new major version changed license from LGPL to Polyform Noncommercial 1.0.0.

With the new license EPPlus is still free to use in some cases, but will require a commercial license to be used in a commercial business.

This is explained in more detail here.

Commercial licenses, which includes support, can be purchased at (

The source code of EPPlus has moved to a new github repository

LicenseContext parameter must be set

With the license change EPPlus has a new parameter that needs to be configured. If the LicenseContext is not set, EPPlus will throw a LicenseException (only in debug mode).

This is a simple configuration that can be set in a few alternative ways:

1. Via code

// If you are a commercial business and have
// purchased commercial licenses use the static property
// LicenseContext of the ExcelPackage class :
ExcelPackage.LicenseContext = LicenseContext.Commercial;

// If you use EPPlus in a noncommercial context
// according to the Polyform Noncommercial license:
ExcelPackage.LicenseContext = LicenseContext.NonCommercial;
using(var package = new ExcelPackage(new FileInfo("MyWorkbook.xlsx")))


2. Via appSettings.json

    "EPPlus": {
        "ExcelPackage": {
            "LicenseContext": "Commercial" //The license context used

3. Via app/web.config

    <!--The license context used-->
    <add key="EPPlus:ExcelPackage.LicenseContext" value="NonCommercial" />

4. Set the environment variable 'EPPlusLicenseContext'

This might be the easiest way of configuring this. Just as above, set the variable to Commercial or NonCommercial depending on your usage.

Important! The environment variable should be set at the user or process level.

New features in EPPlus 7

  • Calculation engine update to support array formulas.
    • Support for calculating legacy / dynamic array formulas.
    • Support for intersect operator.
    • Support for implicit intersection.
    • Support for array parameters in functions.
    • Better support for using the colon operator with functions.
    • Better handling of circular references
    • 90 new functions
    • Faster optimized calculation engine with configurable expression caching.
    • Breaking changes: Updated calculation engine, See Breaking Changes in EPPlus 7 for more information.
    • Conditional Formatting improvements
    • Improved performance, xml is now read and written on load and save.
    • Cross worksheet support formula support.
    • Extended styling options for color scales, data bars and icon sets.

Breaking Changes


Improved documentation

EPPlus 7 has a new web sample site available here: ( , Source code is available here: EPPlus.WebSamples There is also a new sample project for four different docker images, EPPlus.DockerSample.
EPPlus also has two separate sample projects for C# and Visual Basic respectively.
There is also an updated developer wiki. The work with improving the documentation will continue, feedback is highly appreciated!