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# The source code packaged with this file is Free Software, Copyright (C) 2016 by
# Unidad de Laboratorios, Escuela Politecnica Superior, Universidad de Alicante :: <aeps at>.
# It's licensed under the AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE unless stated otherwise.
# You can get copies of the licenses here:
# AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE is also included in the file called "LICENSE".
# Adding user manager
- name: Be sure group manager exists
group: name=manager gid={{ managerGID }} state=present
- name: Be sure user manager exists
user: name=manager uid={{ managerID }} group=manager state=present update_password=always password={{ managerPassword }} shell=/bin/bash
- name: Add user manager to groups
shell: (((grep "^{{item}}:" /etc/group|grep -v "\(:\|,\)manager\(,\|$\)" >> /dev/null) && (sed -i "s@$(grep "^{{item}}:" /etc/group)@$(grep "^{{item}}:" /etc/group)$(grep "^{{item}}:" /etc/group|grep -v ":$" >>/dev/null && echo ",")manager@g" /etc/group)) && echo "Changed") || echo "No" executable="/bin/bash"
register: managerAdd
changed_when: managerAdd.stdout == "Changed"
with_items: "{{ managerGroups }}"
- name: Permisos del home de manager
file: path=/home/manager/ state=directory mode=0700
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