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An autonomous RC car
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An autonomous RC car to compete the IronCar Challenge...

Patate42 won the first (and third) french IronCar race edition !!!


Patate42 won the IRONCAR Final 2018 !

Watch the video

Hardware Config :

* Tamyia TT-02 4WD RC car + larger wheels
* RaspberryPi 3B + battery pack (we use a Kuman)
* Rpi camera (depends on your taste)
* Adafruit PWM Hat
* Jumper cables, ...

Dataset :

Installation :

on Raspberry :

git clone
cd Patate
pip install -r requirement.txt

To use a Xbox gamepad :

sudo apt-get install xboxdrv

on Computer :

git clone
cd Patate/Data_processing/Training
pip install -r requirement.txt

Usage :

Collect Data (manual drive + take images/labels) (RPi) :

With Xbox Gamepad

cd Data_processing
sudo python 0.1

to take one picture every 0.1 sec (to just control without taking pictures, don't specify any value)

If you don't have Xbox Gamepad, you can use the computer keyboard (opencv needed, to install opencv on your RPi :

cd Data_processing
python 0.1

Or you can use the built-in car controler and labelise by hand later: (opencv needed)

cd Data_processing

Data Augmentation / Balancing (computer):

All pictures goes to Patate/Pics/Auto or Patate/Pics/Manual (create folder(s) if needed)

Augmentation scrits can be found in Patate/Data_processing/Augmentation


python [folder]		-> turn 2speeds/5directions labels into 2speeds/3directions
python [folder]		-> turn all pictures black and white
python [folder]	-> rename pictures direction label with the folders name (ex: rename '0_4_4565432345.jpg' to '0_0_4565432345.jpg' in '/0' folder)
python [folder]		-> retag discrete to categorical labels
python [folder]	-> apply a mirror effect on pics by value (comment/uncomment) and rename to opposite value (and add a 'r' in filename)

Train model (Computer) :

cd Patate/Data_processing/Training
jupyter notebook

AutoPilot (RPi) :

cd Patate
python [myModel.h5]

Rpi CLI / Desktop

sudo raspi-config

-> boot option -> Desktop / CLI = Destop autologin

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