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Please do not contribute changes to this wiki, as we currently document the project on the EQEmu GitBook Wiki.

If you would like to contribute to the EQEmu GitBook Wiki, please get in touch on Discord.

Getting Started

Area Description of Content
Server Installation - Linux A guide for installing EQEmu Server on Linux
Server Installation - Windows A guide for installing EQEmu Server on Windows

Project Documentation

Area Description of Content
Changelog A listing of all of the changes made to the EQEmu Server code
Quest API Documentation of the use of quest scripts in both Perl and Lua
Database Schema The blueprint of how the EQEmu database is constructed
Loginserver Documentation of the Loginserver setup, configuration, CLI and DB Schema
How-To Guides Explanations of capabilities available to developers and server operators
Logging System Documentation of the extensive logging capabilities in EQEmu
Maps Utilities and information regarding zone map files
NPC Information regarding mob pathing, factions, scaling and attacks
Reference Lists Information regarding variables for game mechanics
Spells Documentation of all things relating to spells
Types Information regarding type variables for game items/objects

Resource Links

Page Link
EQEmulator Website
EQEmu Server GitHub Repository
Quest Scripts
Installer Resources
ProjectEQ (PEQ) Database
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