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The Secret World Game

See also the Wiki Entry Contact me ingame RedEyeEagle


##2.2.0 ####Requires EQdkp 2.3

  • new function for hide roles in the calendar
  • new roles and icons (and source to create own)
  • fix for some items
  • add modules item
  • add Muesum drop from NYR elite
  • add itempictures from Eidolon nm
  • add new Event Icons
  • add and adjust new events/Itempools and the MultiDKP Pool

load default roles in Roles Managment

Purge Item Cache


  • add Shamabala
  • 18h Raidcooldown
  • Items (NM Raids, PVP Signets, Aegis Stuff)
  • some Items fixes

load default profile fields in Profile fields Managment

##2.1.8 ####Requires EQdkp 2.1

Only infotooltip Update:

  • add Flappy Loot
  • add some missing Imgaes
  • 3d heroic still with placeholder, but nicer

In case of Issues, purge the itemtooltip Cache.

##2.1.7 ####Requires EQdkp 2.1

Add issue 12 Information's:

  • rename "Tokio" Placeholder Event to "Flappy" and give them an new Icon
  • change Items from Eidolon from 10.1 to 10.3
  • add the 3. heroic Item (without Img)


  • Add the Wings, PVP Zones, TL Access


  • Add Augment Resonator Items(DE/EN/FR)
  • Add Informations for Guildbank (DE/EN/FR)