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Frenetic at Cyber-Physical Systems Testing Competition

ERATO-Team SBST 2021 CPS Competition

This is a fork of sbst-tool-competition-av to develop our algorithms, which are inside folder src.

You can also find a preprint explaining our approach in the same folder.

Cyber-Physical Systems Testing Competition

Starting this year, the SBST Workshop offers a challenge for software testers who want to work with self-driving cars in the context of the usual tool competition.


The competitors should generate virtual roads to test a lane keeping assist system.

The generated roads are evaluated in a driving simulator. We partnered with BeamNG GmbH which offers a version of their simulators for researchers, named BeamNG.research. This simulator is ideal for researchers due to its state-of-the-art soft-body physics simulation, ease of access to sensory data, and a Python API to control the simulation.

Video by BeamNg GmbH

Implement Your Test Generator

We make available a code pipeline that will integrate your test generator with the simulator by validating, executing and evaluating your test cases. Moreover, we offer some sample test generators to show how to use our code pipeline.

Information About the Competition

More information can be found on the SBST tool competition website:

Repository Structure

Code pipeline: code that integrates your test generator with the simulator

Self driving car testing library: library that helps the integration of the test input generators, our code pipeline, and the BeamNG simulator

Scenario template: basic scenario used in this competition

Documentation: contains the installation guide, detailed rules of the competition, and the frequently asked questions

Sample test generators: sample test generators already integrated with the code pipeline for illustrative purposes

Requirements: contains the list of the required packages.


The software we developed is distributed under GNU GPL license. See the file.


Dr. Alessio Gambi - Passau University, Germany -

Dr. Vincenzo Riccio - Software Institute @ USI, Lugano, Switzerland -

Dr. Fiorella Zampetti - University of Sannio, Italy -

Dr. Sebastiano Panichella - Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW), Switzerland -


Frenetic submission to the SBST21 competition




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