This is the Official Whitepaper for ERC20Connect.
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ERC20Connect Whitepaper

Official White Paper Total Supply: 21,000,000 ERX Decimals: 18

Introduction to ERC20Connect (ERX)

ERC20Connect will be a fully fledged Ethereum Token Exchange, AI-Trading Platform, and Staking ERX Tokens to earn rewards from exchange fees. The primary focus of ERX will be on the Exchange aspect with over 500+ Ethereum Token Pairs. ERC20Connect will launch the exchange platform once the ITO has concluded. The AI-Trading Program will be made available once the exchange platform has been completed and all necessary tests have been completed. Staking will be made available at the launch on the platform enabling members to earn ERX tokens.

Please take a moment to read our detailed findings and how we aim to ensure ERC20Connect and the ERX Token will remain within the crypto community for several years to come. We believe our investment products and platform provides the highest level of transparency than another project within this industry and will enable a long and successful opportunity for our members.

Token Information: Name: ERC20Connect Symbol: ERX Decimals: 18 Total Supply: 21,000,000 Mining: Proof of Stake

At the launch of ERC20Connect (ERX) we received a large amount of interest and to reward our founding members of ERX, the first 100 addresses are the genesis members of ERX.

ERX Exchange

The ERX Exchange does not directly compete with another existing exchange. However ERC20Connect aims to work with various exchanges and community projects to enable easy exchange between various ERC20 Tokens. At the initial launch of ERC20Connect we plan to offer 20 different pairs to enable ERX members to engage in our platform.

In the upcoming days we will be implementing tests and verification of all exchanges and trades. During this time our team will be including various other pairs to reach our initial goal of 500 Ethereum tokens that an ERX Member will be able to trade and exchange for these tokens. Our source for adding new tokens will be from CoinMarketCap at the start.

As our project progress ERC20Connect will be reviewing projects and adding new tokens to be traded on our platform. ERX will also host select ICO / ITO projects we have performed an internal audit for and can recommend to investors without any loss of funds.

Exchange Transaction Fees: 0.075%

A transaction fee will be applied whenever a member creates a trade. The fee applied will be in the desired token they wish to exchange or buy.

Every member and holder of ERX has the opportunity to reduce the Exchange Transaction Fees in half by using some ERX tokens to complete the transaction. The exchange fees are used to maintain the ERC20Connect platform and reward our ERX Token holders.

AI-Trading Program

As the main theory of making predictions we use historical extrapolation. ERC20Connect is connected in real-time to dozens of different sources of data and it stores time series of data that, in some cases, stretch back as far as the 1950s.

Any information can be interpreted in many different ways. Every data interpretation in the system is called a strategy. For every data source, ERX has at least several dozens strategies.

Strategy is an algorithm in the form of code that takes time series of quotes and series of data as an input (the data can be collected from one or more data sources) and produces an output. The output is a set of predictions in the format that is common for all the strategies in the system, so they remain comparable.

Prediction of the strategy contains information about direction (to buy or to sell), strength level, duration and meta data about market conditions in which this signal has occurred.

We use two types of strategies. Some strategies are only based on quotes data, while the other strategies are based on quotes + additional data (such as the activity of other traders, market data, fundamental data, tweets, news, etc.).

The first type of strategies is not tied to a specific financial instrument or a timeframe. We apply these strategies to every time-frame (ex: 1M, 1H, 4H, etc.) and to every instrument (ex: ETH/ERX, ETH/EOS, ERX/FUN etc.).

The second type of strategies, on the contrary, is tied to an instrument and a timeframe. However, it is more complex and provides increased accuracy of predictions.

Each strategy in the system can be classified to one of the 9 categories:

  • Based on activity of traders, funds, and insiders
  • Based on technical indicators
  • Based on fundamental data
  • Based on news and articles
  • Based on macroeconomic data and events
  • Based on graphical chart patterns
  • Based on symbols’ correlation
  • Based on social media activity
  • Autogenerated strategies

The majority of strategies in the system have, in their code, variables that vary in some limited range. That means that these strategies have hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of sub-strategies with their own unique set of parameters and the logic of the main strategy. That allows us to find more patterns in data more accurately and increases overall predictive accuracy.

To summarize our AI-Trading Program, we use a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets and other modern machine learning models that analyse huge volumes of data to predict financial markets. In turn providing our members and affiliates the opportunity to earn daily with our AI-Trading Bot.

Staking ERX Tokens

First let’s review the benefits of Staking and why one might consider Staking ERX tokens.

No need to consume large quantities of electricity in order to secure a blockchain (eg. it's estimated that both Bitcoin and Ethereum burn over $1 million worth of electricity and hardware costs per day as part of their consensus mechanism). Because of the lack of high electricity consumption, there is not as much need to issue as many new coins in order to motivate participants to keep participating in the network. It may theoretically even be possible to have negative net issuance, where a portion of transaction fees is "burned" and so the supply goes down over time. Proof of stake opens the door to a wider array of techniques that use game-theoretic mechanism design in order to better discourage centralized cartels from forming and, if they do form, from acting in ways that are harmful to the network (eg. like selfish mining in proof of work). Reduced centralization risks, as economies of scale are much less of an issue. $10 million of coins will get you exactly 10 times higher returns than $1 million of coins, without any additional disproportionate gains because at the higher level you can afford better mass-production equipment. Ability to use economic penalties to make various forms of 51% attacks vastly more expensive to carry out than proof of work - to paraphrase Vlad Zamfir, "it's as though your ASIC farm burned down if you participated in a 51% attack". How will Stake Holders of ERX be rewarded?

Every holder of ERX will earn ERX in proportion to their ERX Balance within the ERC20Connect platform or on our dedicated wallet for staking and cold storage. 10% of all exchange fees will be allocated in the form of ERX tokens and distributed to all members currently Staking / Holding ERX Tokens.

The Staking rewards will never change and alway remain at 10% of all exchange fees allocated in the form ERX Tokens. This will incentive all token holders to hodl their coins and increase the overall demand and price of ERX Token.

To initiate staking rewards and bonuses each member must hold a balance of ERX for at least 7 days to activate your Staking bonus of ERX.

Affiliate Program

ERC20Connect will have a fully funciation Affiliate Program allowing every member to earn when they refer a new member to the ERX Platform. We have designed our Affiliate Program to meet all current regulations and standards that are set in place.

Each member can earn 20% of all exchange / transaction fees that occur from either our Exchange Platform or the AI-Trading Platform. Please note earnings are based on referred members only.

Our Affiliate Program is only one level. We do not offer multiple levels or MLM. Thank you.