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This Vocabulary is deprecated. The new vocabulary is maintained here

Vocabulary for Bibliographical Electronic Resource Management

Status of this Document: draft

This work is in progress and will change from time to time. If you are interested in managing electronic resources in libraries don't hasitate to ask.

We are still collecting and searching ideas from existing vocabularies and models like:

An overview of the vocabulary in HTML can be seen here

About this vocabulary

This vocabulary is part of a shared project between the Leipzig University Library (UB) and the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) supported by the european union with EFRE. The goal is to provide a Electronic Resource Management System for the UB based on linked data technologies using RDF.

Further information can be found on our procect site

Reusing vocabularies/ontologies

On the one hand reusing classes and properties provided by other ontolgies is quite easy and rdf, rdfs, owl or foaf are well known examples. On the other hand it's more difficult to provide information to others about cases like in which of your classes yout want to use which properties of other ontologies. So this document is a human readable version of those resources we reuse in our vocabulary to model the business processes we need.

In RDF we try to make use of rdfs:subClassOf or owl:subClassOf in case of adding further statements like 'owl:Restrictions' on properties to a class. (Note that we will add all restrictions on properties even if their usagage is optional, with help of owl:minCardinality "0". In contrast to open world assumption this is a closed world even if we know one can add triples she wants)

The URI of this vocabulary @prefix bibrm: .

Used prefixes and their namespace

@prefix aiiso:  <> .
@prefix bibo:   <> .
@prefix cc:     <> .
@prefix dc:     <> .
@prefix dct:    <> .
@prefix doap:   <>.
@prefix foaf:   <> .
@prefix owl:    <> .
@prefix rdf:    <> .
@prefix rdfs:   <> .
@prefix skos:   <> .
@prefix vann:   <>.
@prefix xsd:    <> .


Vocabulary for Biblioraphical Electronic Resource Management






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