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This project is about exploring the new feature from Gatsby called Themes. A detailed POV is also available here.


The idea is the explore the possibility to break down the gatsby site creating into the smallest maintainable atomic component or components so that there is a clear separation of concerns from the project configuration to the actual application being built.

This project demonstrates the following

  • Building themes catering to different use case:
    1. Core Infrastructure - Core Gatsby Infrastructure pieces like SEO, Image Optimization, Analytics
    2. Component Libraries which are part of the Gatsby infrastructure - Material-UI and Emotion Component Libraries
    3. Template Libraries these are component libraries which also include page templates for a specific use case - Material-UI and Emotion Component Libraries
    4. Pre-configured libraries, plugins and setup components - Material-UI, Emotion JS , Drupal
    5. Extendability and Atomic themes which can build on top of other themes either by composition or extension of other themes.
    6. Shadowing Components - while we extend themes , but still have the ability to override or customize components that are derived from themes
    7. Separation of concerns using shadowing - exciting and un-documented feature of being able to separate GraphQL queries from the implementation using component shadowing.


The demo sites built using this monorepo are available

  • Simple Site which mimics the basic Gatsby Starter plus uses the core & mui is available here. The source for the same is the site App

Demo Site

  • A main showcase app called GATSBY RECIPEZE is a Drupal site which depicts all the above mentioned uses cases is available here

Drupal Index Page Drupal Detailed Page


  1. Yarn workspaces used so that we are able to maintain the Gatsby infrastructure pieces as atomic themes all in one place. This also gives us the ability to see the changes like using the application workspaces without having to go through the entire process of publishing the npm module and then testing whether it works.

  2. Themes:

Gatsby Core Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/core
  • Usecase(s): Core Infrastructure
  • The core theme sets up the base configuration.
  • The idea is to have the SEO, image processing, file source setup , PWA, core branding of the product in one place and versioned
  • Sites can simply use the not worry about setting this piece properly and any changes to the core configuration can be done via the theme.
  • All organization specific core plugins , icons can be configured here.

Gatsby Material-UI Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/mui
  • Usecase(s): Component Libraries,Pre-configured libraries
  • The mui theme sets up the configuration based on the best practices recommended by the material-ui team.
  • This takes care of all the setup and configuration requirements for theming, layouts, material-ui setup for SSR and client side rendering.
  • An HOC sets up the material-ui theming both for SSR and Browser modes, so the user just needs to configure the material-ui theme configuration to customize it to the websites requirements.
  • Also provides few sample UI components - Header , Footer

Gatsby Emotion Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/emotion
  • Usecase(s): Component Libraries,Pre-configured libraries
  • The emotion theme sets up the configuration based on the best practices recommended by the Gatsby team
  • This takes care of all the setup and configuration requirements for theming, layouts and setup.
  • This uses theme-ui as the theming style system
  • This also is a core / component UI library of EmotionJS components. As an example a sample UI component has been added called About

Gatsby Tailwind Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/tailwind
  • Usecase(s): Pre-configured libraries,
  • The tailwind theme sets up the tailwind configuration along with purgeCSS

Gatsby Recipe Emotion Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/emotion-recipe-theme
  • Usecase(s): Component Libraries,Pre-configured libraries,Extendability and Atomic themes,Template Libraries
  • The receipe theme is theme that extends the @gatsby-themes/emotion theme and provides a UI component library and templates for building recipe pages.
  • The components are based on the atomic design priciples and can be used to build applications which require the recipe theme.

Gatsby Drupal Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/drupal

  • Usecase(s): Pre-configured libraries,Separation of concerns using shadowing

  • The drupal theme sets up the configuration for drupal

  • This is also based on the Gatsby DEMO Drupal CMS site for recipes

  • It takes care of not only the drupal gatsby plugin configuration but also sets up all the queries that are needed for the building the recipe app.

  • Currently there are two template page queries available

    1. Landing Page Query - List of all the recipes
    2. Recipe Template Page Query - Specific Recipe details based on the id
  • As part of this we also have proptype definitions that can be imported into the template that wants to use the query. In the above mentioned GraphQL queries the prop type definition files

    1. Landing Page Query PropTypes
    2. Recipe Template Page Query PropTypes

    You can then use the proptypes directly in the template implementation by importing them

     import { AllRecipesPropTypes } from '@gatsby-themes/drupal';
     IndexPage.propTypes = {
     	data: AllRecipesPropTypes, // Query prop types
     	theme: PropTypes.object.isRequired

    Also take advantage of knowing what to expect in terms of the query output

VS Code PropTypes Check

  • Separation of GraphQL Queries from the component rendering
    • In the application that use ising this theme , implement the two template pages as shadow components (Index , Recipe as mentioned above).
    • The data queries (GraphQL queries) will be provided this theme
    • Only implement the Page rendering logic in the application (The data object from the shadows templates will be avaiable to use)
      • See the example templates in the drupal-app for more details.

Gatsby Okta Theme

  • Name: @gatsby-themes/okta
  • Usecase(s): Pre-configured libraries,
  • The okta theme sets up the okta integration using the okta sign in widget
  • Read the detailed setup instructions in the okta-theme
  • The demo is available here

Okta App

Material-UI & Emotion Demo App

  • Name: demo-app
  • Usecase(s): Shadowing Components,Extendability and Atomic themes

Demo application based on Gatsby Themes that mimics the Gatsby Starter plus uses the core, material-ui (mui) and emotion themes to demonstrate composition and component shadowing.

Showcase Drupal App

  • Name: drupal-app
  • Usecase(s): Shadowing Components,Extendability and Atomic themes

This is the main showcase application based on based on Gatsby Themes, Drupal and Emotion. This leverages all the above mentioned themes and uses all the theme concepts. This application also has got 100% results in Lighthouse and this demo site is PWA enabled.

Drupal Detailed Page

For more information please see the respective README files of each project under this workspace.

Running the Application(s)

Material-UI & Emotion Demo App

yarn workspace demo-app develop

Showcase Drupal App

yarn workspace drupal-app develop


Each of the component library projects (mui, emotion, emotion-recipe-theme) are also integrated with storybook as part of the infrastructure.


yarn workspace @gatsby-themes/mui storybook


yarn workspace @gatsby-themes/emotion storybook


yarn workspace @gatsby-themes/tailwind storybook

Emotion Recipe

yarn workspace @gatsby-themes/emotion-recipe-theme storybook

External Application Test

While the workspace is fine , but we need to make sure the themes work outside the workspace and can be used as part of an external gatsby site. For this a Gatsby application is created in the folder site is created outside the workspace. This depends on the @gatsby-themes packages that are published on npm. All we need to do is to add the dependencies for these packages as well as the peer dependencies which they depend on.

In order to run the external Gatsby site

cd site
yarn develop

Gatsby Themes NPM Page

The themes are published here




Gatsby themes as atomic infrastructure pieces for super agility in creating Gatsby sites





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