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Lenovo Watch's notification apps substitution
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[MOD] Lenovo Watch's notification apps substitution



Lenovo Watch is the application used to pair and set the Lenovo Watch 9, Lenovo Watch X and Lenovo Watch X Plus.
One of the main "smart" functions of the watch is to vibrate when you get a notifications in one of the selected apps.

  • The problem is that 4 of the 8 possible apps are services only used in China, and Skype doesn't work.
  • The Watch X and Watch X Plus are not supported char with accented and only show the messages until the first accented chars
  • The Watch X and Watch X Plus Gmail notification's subject value is [null]

The objective of this mod is to give the watch a bit more functionality for non-chinese users.

  • I fixed Skype, Facebook Messenger and made these substitutions:
  • WeChat -> Telegram
  • QQ -> Microsoft Outlook
  • Weibo -> Google Calendar
  • Line -> Gmail
  • Tencent Tim -> Telegram X
  • Fixed the accented chars to replace with the non accented pair in the message. So the result will be áéíóöőúüű -> aeiooouuu.
  • Fixed Gmail notification and display the subject correctly

Content of the repository

The commits of this repository contain new versions of the modified .apk

If you need an older version of the app take a look at older Releases. The tag of the commits will be the version of the Lenovo Watch app used as a base for the mod.

Attention! Starting with version 3.0.8 the original LenovoWatch app includes measures to prevent mods like this one. As a result, the latest version of the MOD (based on the original Version 3.0.3) also prevents updates. This means no newer versions of this MOD will be released until a method of circumventing abovementioned measures is found.

Meanwhile, you can use Version 3.0.3_noupdate indefinitely.




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