Community Terrestrial Systems Model (includes the Community Land Model of CESM)
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Update cime, fix FATES DEBUG token, add script to easily run sys tests

(1) Update to latest version of cime master

(2) Update FATES with a minor change: change DEBUG to debug, to allow
    working with a preprocessor-defined DEBUG token

(3) Add a script (run_sys_tests) that allows easily running all system
    tests (see
    for details)

(4) As part of (3), start work on a CTSM python library and associated
    test infrastructure.

Fixes #535
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The Community Terrestrial Systems Model.

This includes the Community Land Model (CLM5.0 and CLM4.5) of the Community Earth System Model.

For documentation, quick start, diagnostics, model output and references, see


For help with how to work with CTSM in git, see


To get updates on CTSM tags and important notes on CTSM developments join our low traffic email list:!forum/ctsm-dev

(Send email to if you have problems with any of this)