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ESEmu Project is the first ElSword Emulator, originally developed by 4 team members, now, since I'm alone I've decided to open source the whole project and end it.

I'm looking forward to see people developing on the basis of the work we've done, the code sucks because it was supposed to be rewritten in a different more professional, stable and safer branch (which Solace has but we've no way to contact him).


You need:

  • Crypto++
  • MySQL Connector (C Version, we've an edited stable version inside the code itself), but you need the original library files.
  • LUA 5.1 (It's inside already)
  • JVM (I don't remember if this is the branch of the "JVM instead of LUA" and don't have the time to check)

The Credits & More info

The team is was composed by me (d3vil401), ProTheJoker, Sonnyeb/Solace and an anonymous user.

The official community will not be closed, if the Open Source project becomes popular I'll be way more happy to be helpful on our community (look at the bottom of readme) and if needed we'll convert the old community to a development community.

The rest of the team:

  • Lyshantus, our GFX, dude you are awesome with graphics, please, go and create games.
  • PanPan (Old nick!) or Kore, You're so nice and always been nice, you're such a good guy, the GM role was definitely perfect for you.
  • IS88, You're exactly the kind of friend I wanted close to me, but unluckly you live to the other side of the Europe, keep going to school :).
  • Admire, Unluckly we didn't have time to know each other and you didn't see the gold times of the project, but I can guarantee you lost too much fun; nevermind, next time we'll have luck!
  • All the rest of you (I can't remember right now everyone!)

Join our community! or find us on Facebook.

You can contact me for any questions.

ESEmuDevLogo ESEmuDevLogo