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The API for end users for esgf compute stacks (cwt)
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ESGF Compute end-user API

The ESGF Compute end-user API provides an object-oriented climatology package to access large scale computational resources through the Web Processing Service interface standard.

Supported WPS version: 1.0.0


Conda is the preferred method of install.

conda install -c conda-forge -c cdat esgf-compute-api

or can be installed from source.

git clone

cd esgf-compute-api

python install


You can start with the Getting Started which is a Jupyter notebook that can be ran in a JupyterLab instance.

or you can jump right into running some code. You can find instructions to retrieve a token here.

import cwt

# Create a variable from an OpenDAP url and the name of the variable.
tas = cwt.Variable('http://thredds/dap/', 'tas')

# Initialize the client with the url to the WPS endpoint and the Token/API key.
wps = cwt.WPSClient('http://localhost:8000/wps', api_key='<TOKEN>')

# Select the process to execut.
process = wps.process_by_name('CDAT.subset')

# Execut the process.
wps.execute(process, inputs=[tas])

# Wait for the process to complete, this will print status message to the console.

# Prints the output of the process which is either an instance of cwt.Variable, a list of cwt.Variable or a dict.

Docker image

docker pull jasonb87/compute-api:2.2.0
Jupyter Lab
docker run -it -p 8888:8888 jasonb87/compute-api:2.2.0

Open a browser to and the password will be "esgf".


docker run -it jasonb87/compute-api:2.2.0 ipython


Jupyter Notebook cotnaining examples can be found here


Compatibility document can be found on here

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