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ESGF Compute

The ESGF Compute Service is a containerized application capable of providing compute resources through a web service, using the Web Processing Service (WPS) standard as an interface between the user and the compute resources. Currently version 1.0.0 of the WPS standard is supported, with 2.0.0 in the near future.

The end goal is to provide a federated service for ESGF that brings the computation to the data.

Table of Contents


These commands will build the production stage of the containers. A buildkit container is used to build the containers unless buildkit is installed locally.

  • WPS make wps
  • Tasks make tasks
  • Provisioner make provisioner
  • THREDDS make thredds


Information about provenance can be found here


Information about authentication can be found here


The deployment instructions and Helm chart can be found at esgf-compute/charts.


We welcome contributions to the project, before moving ahead please review the following documents:


Please review the FAQ, if you do not find an answer to your question open an issue on GitHub.

Design documents

Coming soon.