ESGF Installation From scratch

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New and returning installations

Regardless of whether you have installed and administered an ESGF node previously, please read the following document on ESGF policies, as this should influence what type of installation you should do:

Installation Procedure


RHEL6; CentOS6; Scientific Linux 6

Unix User

You must be root or effectively root to run this program, prefixing the command with sudo will not allow the use of needed environment variables! If you must use sudo, do so only to become root proper then source your user's .[bash]rc file so that root has its environment set accordingly! Or you can more simply become root using sudo's "-s" flag.


  • Ports to open: 80, 443, (GridFTP: 2811, 50000-51000), (MyProxy: 7512)
  • During the installation process, you'll be asked for a globus username and password. You'll need to sign up for a globusonline account beforehand, and provide the username and password when asked for it. You can sign up for an account at

One way to clear previous installations is via the script. For example, to do a full uninstall (don't forget to exit the root shell afterwards in order to drop remaining ESGF-related environment variables and functions, before starting the new install):

cd /usr/local/bin
source /usr/local/bin/ && esg-purge all

Download and Execute the Bootstrap Script

To setup a 'devel' install

cd /usr/local/bin
wget -O esg-bootstrap --no-check-certificate  
chmod 555 esg-bootstrap  
./esg-bootstrap --devel   

To setup a 'master' install

wget -O esg-bootstrap --no-check-certificate  
chmod 555 esg-bootstrap  

Check Installer Script Version

./esg-node --version
Version: v2.3.8-master-release
Release: Centaur
Earth Systems Grid Federation (
ESGF Node Installation Script

Start the installation process

./esg-node --set-type [data|compute|idp|index|all]
./esg-node --install

Use script instead of tee to log the installation. tee can cause configuration files corruption. Make sure you specify the type without square bracket or pipe.

Please select the ESGF distribution mirror for this installation (fastest to slowest):