ESGF Release Notes

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ESGF 2.5.17 - Released - Oct 20 2017

ESGF 2.5.13 - Released - Aug 24 2017

Manifest coming soon!

ESGF 2.4.24 - Released - Jan 20 2017

ESGF 2.3.8 - Released - May 25 2016

ESGF 2.2.3 - Released - Feb 15 2016

ESGF 2.2 - Released - Dec 15 2015

Here are the release notes and manifests, for versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.

ESGF 1.8.1 - Released - March 11 2015

esg-search (wget script)

  • included new -T flag to explicitly make it use TLSv1 when communicating with ORP. This is required for earlier versions of wget ( <= 1.12 ) when communicating with sites which only support TLSv1.
  • Added workaround for wget 1.11.4 as it fails to execute final redirect back to data url following sign in with -H. This fix is compatible with later versions of wget.
  • Added support for additional environment variable ESGF_WGET_OPTS. This can be used in the conjunction with -H to globally add additional wget options. For expert use only!


  • uvcdat alternative cloning protocol changed from http to https
  • Ferret and LAS archives will be downloaded from ESGF dist mirrors instead of FTP @NOAA
  • Version check in new installation controller
  • keystore.alias can be specified in (Fixes

ESGF 1.8 - Released - February 27 2015


  • Installation of git and curl using a RPM
  • Implementation of new component installation script standard arguments
  • Global variables move from esg-node to esg-init
  • Global functions move from esg-node to esg-functions
  • New LAS installer
  • New CoG installer

esg-security, esg-orp, esgf-idp

  • OpenID selector


  • esgscan_directory reports an error when failure to scan
  • "--nodbwrite" option for esgpublish enables a "dry run" to read file headers
  • Additional utility scripts:,, (see README)


  • LAS 8.3


  • CoG implementation running on port 8000

ESGF 1.7.2 - Released - September 15 2014


  • Add targeted search query substitution for pam_pgsql.conf to prevent unauthorized credential retrievals. The regex in esg-globus and the file template (etc_pam_pgsql.conf) on the dist servers were modified.
  • issues fixed: 47,48,49,50


  • Unnecessary clobbering of .MyProxyLogon file is now avoided


  • Fixes problem with missing authorization for publishing operations.
  • Better handling of HTTP connections.


  • IP ranges authentication feature
  • Closing idle connections

ESGF 1.7.1 - Released July 10th 2014


  • New static files master storage system at IPSL and BADC Installer now fetches the distrib binaries from (master) or (mirror)


  • Improving the ability to read static meta data from property files.
  • Inserting new PublishingServiceClient.
  • Working on HDF parsing.
  • Adding "dataSize" attribute parsed from files.
  • Avoiding double entries for 'size'.


  • Allowing for more then one 'experiment_family' value.


  • Adding to the list of nodes

ESGF 1.7.0 - Released May 7th 2014


  • Bugfixes

    • Tomcat pwd set to /esg/config/.esgf_pass if file exists
    • Ferret FTP urls updated
    • Complete lmxl setup during esgcet setup itself
    • Tomcat default webapps are useless and now well deleted after installation
  • New Features

    • Installer scripts will be fetched from github


  • Bugfixes
    • MountedPathResolver sort fix. ESGF could not mount several thredds_dataset_roots


  • Bugfixes
    • Data sets published without tracking id or checksum can now be displayed
    • White spaces in user registration allowed
    • .-_ in user registration fields allowed
    • All wiki links updated
    • access types (WGET, Globus Online) are now well displayed on data cart when using "Add All Displayed to Datacart"


  • Bugfixes

    • Fixing bug in wget controller that prevents downloads when more than one endpoint is availbale
  • New Features

    • Exorcise wget template of rainbow


  • New features
    • This is a new repository hosting ESGF artifacts used at build time

All components

  • New Features
    • New ant targets for ESGF build and artifacts publication processes
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