ESGF P2P F2F 2011

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ESGF-P2P-F2F 2011!!! :-)

Welcome! This page is to help with the planning of the 1st annual ESGF P2P F2F (face to face) meeting. Below is the agenda. It is relatively structured in the beginning (day 1) but is intended to morph over time into a more free form forum for discussion and development. The dress code is casual, check the weather Please by at the badge office by 8:00am the latest. One of the hosts (Gavin or Dean) will escort you to the meeting room from there.

Agenda (sketch)

  • Tuesday, November 29th
    • AM 9am (Sharp) - 9:30am: introduction and overview
      • Welcome Key Note: the ESGF mission (Dean)
      • Meet and Greet (everybody)
    • AM 9:30-12:30: demos of current functionality (15 minutes each with discussion)
      • Node Manager and Federation Registry (Gavin)
      • Search back-end (Luca)
      • Publishing (Bob)
        • How to publish data with OpenDAP, GridFTP etc.
        • How to publish different types of data
      • Search front-end (John H., Feiyi)
      • Globus Online (Neill)
      • ESGF shell (Gavin)
      • Live Access Server (Roland)
        • Need for an API to plug in different back-ends
      • Dashboard (Sandro)
      • Security components (Luca)
      • UV-CDAT (Charles)
      • DML (Alex, Viji)
      • Stager (Estani)
      • Recent developments in TDS (John C.)
      • Climate 100 SC Report (Alex)
      • Metadata: Metaphor (Mark)
      • IPSL File mover client (Sebastien)
    • PM 12:30 - 1:30pm: lunch in the room
    • PM 1:30 - 5pm: focused discussions on specific topics
      • Access and display of model metadata
      • Display of observational metadata
      • Requirements and technologies for web portal configuration
      • Writing a testing harness
      • Notification
      • Metrics
      • Security
      • Federation
      • Authorization-aware search
      • Registration workflows and access control API
      • Replication
      • BDM/DML
      • DRS and generic directory structure support
      • Establishing or transitioning the Help Desk
      • Improving the overall user experience
      • Installation script
      • Supporting VMs
      • Other topics of discussion
  • Wednesday - November 30th
    • AM 9:00 - 9:30 am
      • Recap and follow up on facilitated discussion
    • AM 9:30 - 10:30 Working groups and APIs
      • Review of working groups estanlished at GO-ESSP
    • AM 10:30 - 12:00 pm: Development methodologies and governance (Gavin)
      • The ESGF Misson, Culture, Mutual Respect, Meritocracy, Etiquette, Testing, K.I.S.S., etc...
      • Governance, Projects, Project Layouts, Roles, Rules
        • Coordinator's Responsibilities
        • Project Leaders' (and Lieutenants') Responsibilities
        • Contributor Responsibilities
      • How to Join a project? How to start a project? How to contribute to a project?
      • Informal collaboration, discussion, coding, trouble shooting
      • Q & A
    • PM 1pm - 5pm: code sprint part 1 (Gavin)
      • Tutorial on working within ESGF: code, repo, dev process
      • Installing an ESGF node in 60 minutes or less
      • Integrating the CIM model metadata viewer into the ESGF Node
    • PM 5:00 - 5:30 PM
      • Report back on code sprints
  • Thursday - December 1st
    • AM 9am - 12pm: The Future of ESGF
      • Basic Road Map Sketch...
      • Facilitated discussion with everyone for what they would like to see in ESGF P2P's future releases
        • Ontologies and provenance (Dean)
      • Summary of meeting, plans for the future
    • PM 1pm - 5pm: code sprint Part 2 (continue tasks started on the previous day)
    • PM 5:00 - 5:30 PM
      • Report back on code sprints

Software Requisites

  • Required
    • GIT
    • JAVA
    • GCC (Ex: i686-apple-darwin10-gcc-4.2.1 (GCC) 4.2.1)
    • ANT
    • VMWare (for macs - Fusion) - not the "player" with clean CentOS/RH 5 or 6 installed (bridged network configuration)
  • Good to have
    • GPG

For installation be sure your VM has the requisite software

Quo Vadis?

(Discuss how we address our day to day participation, communication, collaboration et. al. in the ESGF P2P system... The dev cycle and the 'web of trust' model, etc...) See you at next year's ESGF P2P F2F 2012! :-)


(please look over the website and these resources in preparation for this meeting)



  • Alex Sim
  • Vijaya Lakshmi Natarajan
  • Mark Morgan
  • Jerome Raciazek
  • Sebastien Denvil
  • Alakom-Zed Pobre
  • Luca Cinquini
  • Tom Olon Barron
  • John Harney
  • Roland Schweitzer
  • Neill Miller
  • John Caron
  • Estanislao Gonzalez
  • Sandrio Fiore
  • Dean Williams
  • Gavin M. Bell
  • Charles Doutriaux
  • Bob Drach
  • Jeff Painter
  • Eddy Banks



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