ESGF P2P F2F 2012

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ESGF P2P F2F* 2012 Developers' Workshop

DATES: Tuesday November 27th - Thursday November 29th (3 Days) Location: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore CA Goal: Review current status of ESGF software, plan future development, discuss infrastructure and collaboration The dress code is casual, check the weather

Visitor Forms

All guests must fill out and return the [ Visitor Form ]( /visitor-forms/Group_Visitor_Data_Form.pdf) For non US Citizen, you must complete additional forms. To receive the forms, please e-mail: . [ Foreign National Visitor Form ]( forms/IA473_Foreign_National_Visitor_Info_Sheet_Extended.pdf) Please contact the e-mail list: (cc & for required forms by October 8th!! This is to start the paper work rolling to get you on site. You may also fax the required forms to us at +1-925-422-7675 . Please have a cover page that indicates this is for the ESGF workshop in care of Dean Williams / Gavin Bell .


  • Day 1: Tuesday, November 27th, AM * 8:30-8:45: Introduction (Dean Williams)
  • Day 1: November 27th, PM * 13:30-15:00, 15:15-16:45: Open Discussion
    • Publishing Framework
      • Can we publish additional resources that are not NetCDf files of THREDDS catalogs ?
      • Can we make the publication process easier (i.e. been able to publish datasets from any laptop via ESGF-Lite)
      • Can we generate simpler and richer THREDDS catalogs ?
      • Discussion of draft ESGF Publishing API
    • Web Portal User interface
      • Ideas for customization on a per-institution basis
      • Requirements for user and admin pages
        • Splitting the "data search + access" UI (index) from the "user and admin" UI (idp) ?
        • How can we better modularize the UI as we do the core functionality types?
      • Should we support alternative UIs in other languages/frameworks or for other user communities ?
    • Remote analysis and visualization
    • Search
      • How to best include information about availability of data nodes
    • Testing framework
    • Data retrieval
      • wget scripts: who is responsible for maintenance and upgrade
      • Synchro-data
      • HPSS
    • Installation
      • suggestions on improvements to the process (Virtual Machine deployments? etc...)
      • Support for new Node configurations such as Index only or IdP only
    • APIs
      • Should each module be accessed through a RESTful API by the other modules ?
      • Creation of language specific wrapper API to services
  • Day 2: Wednesday, November 28th, AM * 8:30-10:30: Presentations . Each presentation should be 15 minutes, + 5 minutes for questions.
  • Day 2: November 28th, PM * 13:30-14:00: Governance . Present ESGF governance, answer questions.
    • Presentation by Dean
    • Scheduling and Holding Meetings:
      • Teleconferences
      • In-person meetings
      • Meeting requirements (posted minutes, etc...)
    • Open slot / Mistery speaker * 14:00-14:30: Infrastructure : discuss what is working on what isn't of the current support infrastructure, decide on methodologies and conventions. Gavin to moderate the discussion.
    • Guiding principles (Occam's Razor)
    • Project strutcture and layout
    • Developer Tools ( skeleton outline )
    • GitHub
    • Ticket system
    • User support
    • Documentation
    • Prioritization * 14:30-15:00: Release Process : discuss how we can improve our release process. Gavin to moderate the discussion.
    • Define formal procedure for:
      • Code freeze
      • Testing
      • Deploying
      • Documenting
    • Should we have fixed major and minor releases ? * 15:00-15:15: Break * 15:15-16:45: Demos . Each demo scheduled for 20 minutes.
    • ESGF UI Group Registration etc... (Matthew)
    • UV-CDAT (Charles)
    • Dashboard and Desktop (Sandro)
    • ESGF Shell (Gavin) * [open invite to evening dinner @ 6:30pm Tera Mia ]
  • Day 3: Thursday, November 29th, AM * 8:30-11:00: Code Sprints : possible code sprints include:
    • Install and use the python search API
    • Build a web UI to Open Climate GIS services
    • Define a new structure for THREDDS catalogs
    • Install an ESGF system composed of: 3 Data Nodes, 1 Index Node, 1 IdP, 2 Compute Nodes
    • Review and provide feedback for the administrator web portal UI
    • Define a schema for the ESGF search controlled vocabulary
    • Define a high level API for the ESGF security functionality * 11:00-11:15: Break * 11:15-12:30: Conclusions and Final Remarks, Discussion
  • Day 3: November 29th, PM * 13:30-16:45: Code Sprints continued (depending on attendance)

Software Requisites

Quo Vadis?

(Discuss how we address our day to day participation, communication, collaboration et. al. in the ESGF P2P system... The dev cycle and the 'web of trust' model, etc...) See you at next year's ESGF P2P F2F 2013! :-)




  • Alexander Sim - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Andrew Hart - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Bob Drach - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Charles Doutriaux - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • David Skinner - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Dean Williams - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Elo Leung - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Eric Stephan - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Gavin Bell - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Georgi Kostov - STG, Inc., Govt. Contractor, NCDC (NOAA)
  • Jay Hnilo - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Climate Data Center
  • John Harney - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Kangun Chen - Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Luca Cinquini - NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Mark Greenslade - Institut Pierre Simon Laplace
  • Matthew Harris - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Mehmet Balman - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Michael Ganzberger - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Min Wei - National Meteorological Information Center, CMA
  • Misha Krassovski - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Nathan Hook - National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Neil Miller - University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory
  • Renata McCoy - Lawrence Livermore National Security
  • Roland Schweitzer - Weathertop Consulting, LLC
  • Sandro Fiore - Center for Climate Change (CMCC)
  • Sebastien Denvil - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace
  • Serguei Nikonov - Princeton University
  • Sheyas Cholia - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Wu Qizhong - Beijing Normal University
  • Xiao Xia - Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zhang Boagang - Beijing Normal University
  • Zhenhai Guo - Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zhenya Song - The First Institute of Oceanography, SOA
  • ...

*f2f - face to face

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