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An R tool for systematic maps.
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EviAtlas is a shiny app for visualising the datasets produced by systematic maps. You can download eviatlas from github and run it in one step with this code:

# install.packages("shiny")

Or, you can access the app at:

EviAtlas was produced as part of the first Evidence Synthesis Hackathon, hosted by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and organized by researchers at SEI and the Australian National University. The tool was created by and for the open-source research community. Pull requests and suggestions for future improvements are welcome.

The latest version of EviAtlas is v0.3, released July 2019.

A paper describing the collaborative process used to develop EviAtlas is published in the journal Environmental Evidence, and can be accessed here:


dplyr, stringr, DT, ggplot2, leaflet, htmltools, htmlwidgets, shiny, shinydashboard, shinyWidgets, viridis, mapview, leafem, RColorBrewer, shinyBS

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