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Paperweight Python

Broaden your horizons

Learn more about a scientific field. Paperweight allows you to simply paste in an RIS file of publications (exportable from Scopus), and find keywords and topic modelling analysis to help you discover more about the field.

About the app

The app is in two parts, a Rails 5.2 interface with postgres database for the main app, and a Flask app with Python 3 and rake-ntlk for natural language processing

1. Rails App (Interface)

Available at

bundle install
yarn install
rails db:create db:migrate
rails s

2. Flask App (Data Science)

Find the repo here...

Parsing the keywords and data science stuff is done in Python, run the flask app (from and place the local address in the flask.rb file


Fire up the flask app with...

pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m spacy download en
flask run